Milton Keynes and Oxford contests. (February).

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  1. tam-tam

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    Is anyone going to the contests above, Milton Keynes is and entertainments contest and Oxford is an own-choice an march contest. They are to held on the 8th and 15th of February I believe. My band, Rogerstone (we are in the First Section), are going to both and I was wondering who else out there is too. Milton Keynes is First and Secon section combined (we won it last time out in 2002 so we had better start practising!) but does anyone know the format for the Oxford's a new one on me.

    See you there.....maybe.......
  2. cornetchap

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    I'll be going to Milton Keynes with Watford Band. We'll be in section B as we're a 4th section band.

    I'll make up a tMP badge with my nickname on it (now there's an idea for the tMP shop :) ) so you can at least spot me. I'll have to remember to take it off before we go on stage though :oops:

    Hopefully see you there.

    Cheers, Greg.
  3. MoominDave

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    Sections are grouped "Open", "A" and "B", which gives the organisers discretion as to which section you should be entered in as a first time entrant. As a 1st section band though, you'll be in the Open section (which also tends to cover 2nd and Championship sections as well). A tends to cover 3rd and 4th section, while B tends to cover unregistered bands.

    As you say, it's March + Test-piece; I'm not sure if you need to play them in a particular order, but I've never heard anyone not play the March first...

    The hall (assuming it's in the Cowley Conservative Club) is a very boomy acoustic. A loud band going full out will blow the audience through the back wall - you have been warned!

    I don't think we're entered, but I might well wander over for the day...

    For more details, ring Association Chairman Martin Taylor on 01235 764218.

  4. David Pegram

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    As Moomin says Oxford hall is not for a big blowing band.Sad to say as it is my local asso who work hard to put things on but we will not be attending due to poor facilities and storage is nil.
  5. MoominDave

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    With a bit more support from local bands, I'm sure a more suitable venue could be found. It's a bit of a "chicken and egg" situation. It is not that they are complacent about it, but that "better" venues charge an absolute mint, as there are so few of them in the Oxford area.

    Hmm, reading that back, it sounds like a dig at your band; please don't take it as such, but if we all (and I'm aware that Kidlington don't set a shining example here) pitched in a bit more, then who knows...

    Do you have any suggestions for cheap alternative venues?

  6. Nigel Hall

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    Oxford Contest

    Perhaps if O.D.B.B.A tried to get sponsorship (there surely must be some firms in Oxford with some money) then cheap alternatives would not be neccessary. Con Club is totally unsuitable for contest purposes as Mr Pegram quite rightly points out there is no storage, limited parking (unless you get there at 9am!), soft dividing partition at the back of the hall - where you can hear bandsmen talking whilst you are playing!) etc etc.

    How about Exeter Hall or Peers School or another educational establishment - Civic Hall at Wantage was a good venue... need I go on....[/b]
  7. tam-tam

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    Thanks for the information on the Oxford contest, the hall sounds interesting to say the least. Have you any idea how many bands may be in the Open Section.

    Thanks again.
  8. MartinT

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    Thanks, Dave P and Nigel, for the feedback. Personally I've always found the atmosphere at the Cowley Con Club rather chummy, but it's the views of member bands that count. I will factor your comments into a set of questions to be put to those bands. Incidentally, I like Wantage Civic Hall as well (surprised?), but they put the prices up rather dramatically for Sunday bookings :(

    Tam-tam, if you're interested in entering your band, you need to contact the ODBBA Contest Secretary, Dave Roberts. Call me as MoominDave suggests and I'll give you the contact details.

    Martin Taylor
    Chairman, ODBBA
  9. tam-tam

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    Apparently, my band, Rogerstone, has already entered!
  10. MartinT

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    For more general consumption, and particularly in the light of the Aylesbury cancellation, bands wishing to enter the Oxford Winter Contest should contact:

    Mr D Roberts
    Contest Secretary, ODBBA
    1 Sherwood House
    Rembrandt Way


    Martin Taylor
    Chairman, ODBBA