Milnrow - 'Hot stuff' at the Winter Gardens!

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    Milnrow Band achieved its best result ever, (or at least in living memory) with a 'scorching hot' performance of "The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" by Derek Bourgeous.

    The piece thought by many to be a supreme test for all but the best of the top bands competing, proved to be just that, with Milnrow under the direction of Mareika Gray proving by its outstanding performance to be the fourth best band from the North West on the day.

    In such a fiercely competitive arena Milnrow Band's performance against ten other top class outfits was only beaten by the efforts of three of the countries elite bands namely Leyland (1st), Fairey (2nd) and Fodens (3rd).

    After a day long wait in the 'buzzing' atmosphere of Blackpool's Winter Gardens complex, Milnrow finally took the stage at 6.45pm as last band of the 11 competing in the Championship Section, from the powerful 'roof shaking' first note it was obvious that Mareika had everything under her control and supporters had the feeling that they were to be treated to something special from this young band.

    Russell Gray (Principal Cornet) led superbly from the front and all the other soloists were ably and sympathetically supported by the ensemble players. After many weeks of hard work in preparation for this most prestigious contest, and with the audible improvements over that time being evident, Mareika's wish that the band should 'peak' with its performance on stage seemed to have been well and truly achieved.

    This fine performance by Milnrow Band ensures that it's position in the Championship Section is once again assured.
    Nothing in Brass Banding is certain, but with the enthusiasm and expertise being shown by the members of Milnrow at this moment in time the band is proving to be a force to be reckoned with and could be on the verge of greater things to come, perhaps by breaking into "the cartel" of the truly great bands.

    Even now bands all over the UK are becoming more and more aware of the reputation of this North West village band... for in the words of many banding officionados..'This is the one to watch'.

    The President, Officials and Committee congratulate Mareika Grey and members of the band for their greatest achievement so far... We are very proud to be associated with such a young (some not so young) talented and dedicated group of players.

    Ken Watts
    Band President and PR
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    Great result in the NW area, Congrats to all. Can you live up to this statement though? Good luck with the rest of the year!
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    We will have a good stab Captain!!!!!!
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    AAARRRGGGHHH Roger that!
  5. Great result folks. Sure it was something to do with the solo horn :clap:
    Grenville :D
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    Hi Captain,

    Thanks for your comments, we have a forward thinking and very proud president!
    We will just do our best and keep chipping away at the 'big boys'!