Military Bandsman Looking at Brass Band (Cornet -Sheffield/Doncaster)

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  1. Good Afternoon All, :)

    I'm currently a military bandsman playing in the TA at the moment. I am now going to be locating to the Doncaster and Sheffield area in the next couple of months (for work). I've never played in a Brass Band before and am considering this as a good next musical step.

    I'm principal cornet in military and I was wondering if any of you guys and girls had any advice on how to get in to Brass Band playing?

    Thanks everyone,

    Nick :tup
  2. DaveR

    DaveR Active Member

    Just turn up at the next rehearsal! :biggrin:
  3. sparkling_quavers

    sparkling_quavers Active Member

    Hi Nick,

    I have moved your thread to the recruitment section and ammended the title so it is clear what you play and the area you are looking for. There are a number of bands in the area -I am sure you will get many responses in this thread! Good Luck

  4. CubbRep

    CubbRep Member

    Hi Nick,I play in a disbanded TA band in Coventry.When SDR came about,most of the band transfered to other TA bands,but most of us kept playing under the Regimental banner and still wear scarlets and the likes but don't get payed for it.The only thing we have to do is play at some regimental functions in our area.
    I am the principal cornet for this band,but also play Repiano for Cubbington Silver Band.The transition from playing in a military band is not that much.Probably the only thing is the different style.
    I hope this is of some help to you.There are some good brass bands around the area you are moving to.This depends at which level you want to play at?
  5. Good afternoon Nick

    Stannington Brass Band have a temporary vacancy for a front row cornet player. If you are interested and would like more information about the band visit our wed-site which can be found at and you will even found our e-mail address to contact us.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Chris Wilson - Secretary to the band
  6. Charmed

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    Hi Nick. I hope you find what you are looking for. By the way, I have sent you a bit of information about brass bands by email this morning. If you have not received it, let me know.

    Good Luck :tup
  7. clare_euph

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    Stocksbridge Band have vacancies for cornet players. PM me if interested!!!
  8. chiephonium

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    come on down to hatfield my good man..

  9. Well I am finally here in Sheffield

    Good Day to you all,

    I finally moved up to South Yorkshire last week and am going to be temporarily residing in Doncaster. I expect to be there until January when I will be moving to Sheffield centre.

    I will of course be looking to do some music up here in the very near future, so I'll start working through all the messages you have sent to me with regards to local bands.

    Feel free to drop me a note if you have any vacancies or advice for a new Cornet player to the area.

    Many Thanks,

  10. musicmaker

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    Hi there as well as conducting a brass band im a mil player. I do know that the TA band in Hull is after players if you want i can get you a contact number.
  11. Mr Malone

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    Hi Nick;

    If you fancy continuing your military playing, you may be interested in this:

    The Band of West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service are currently recruiting the following:

    First-class trumpet players (Principal position may be available)
    EEb Bass
    Quality percussionist

    The Band of WYFRS is one of Yorkshire’s most prestigious concert/military bands. We are directed by Mr. Tom Milford BA (Muss) L.R.S.M., late Bandmaster of The Band of HM Coldstream Guards. The Band is currently planning a C.D. recording, and an overseas tour, for 2007. We have a good list of engagements for 2006/7, which includes prestigious concerts in West Yorkshire, as well as marching and ceremonial engagements (full training will be provided).

    Rehearsals take place on Monday evenings, 7.30pm-10.00pm, in thee training centre at West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service H.Q., at Birkenshaw, just off the A58 Whitehall Rd, close to Ikea Leeds, and within easy access of M62 (junction 26).

    Please contact:

    Anthony Malone
    Section Leader
    07984 971162
  12. postie

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    May be a little bit to far for you but Bestwood Black Diamonds based 5 minutes off the M1 junction 26 are looking for a front row cornet player. If you do feel like you are missing the military you could talk our 3 ex military guys in the band. If you are interested just send me a P.M.
  13. crafty cornet

    crafty cornet New Member

    Knottingley Silver are currently looking for a top quality front row cornet to complete it's line up.Check out our recruitment advert on this forum.If you think you fancy a blow,then PM me or Martin Hall our principal cornet.We're just up the A1 about 8 miles north of Doncaster.
  14. hornsrus

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    oughtbridge brass band will welcome you with open arms! pm me for details x x we're in the north of sheffield and a happy bunch x x rehearse on tuesdays and thursdays 730 - 930 x x
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