Milanollo march published?

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  1. The band I conduct have been approached to play at a Coldstream Guards veterans' function. As part of this I wanted to play the relevant regimental march, which I believe to be 'Milanollo'. Does anybody know where I can get hold of a copy, as a search of the usual suspects hasn't turned anything up?
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    If you are playing for a Coldstream Guards Old Comrades function, surely the coldstream guards band can provide you withit. You might also be lucky enough to obtain a brass band version from them.

    Contact details via their website methinks!
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    Looking at the image on the Music Exchange website it looks as though it is published by Studio Music - it might be worth contacting them direct to see if there is a Brass Band version available.
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    If they can't get it to you in time, then ring the band office (number on the website linked above) and I'm sure they would do what they could to help.
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    Hi mr Peter Bale, My name is Loek van der Heide, at the moment busy composing Opera 'IL Re Lear' (King Lear after IT. translation by Carcano
    and librettist Antonio Somma ©1855 submissed by G.Verdi. Verdi meditated & planned Re Lear already from his Prae adolescent period at Busseto Gymnasium.
    V. admitted Shakespear's novello's atmost. In this opera which I'm composing I use the marcia Millanolla, and via IMSLP I' could download a piano transcription
    in C-maj. I, although, dit transpose this march in Eb, Tonality's with 1-4 'flats at the key' the common tonality for Brass/Reed wind instruments....
    by the way, I dit arrange 'Millanolla' from my hearing-memory out of a soundtrack of the movie 'In Which we serve' .
    The 'quick-march' I'd arrange I am using in Re Lear act 1 scene 3, Bar 279 'Festive prelude in Nerilla's (Regans) Castell...
    The Brasswind instrument I am playing/studying is a 'Cimbasso', this is a converted Contrabass Valvetrombone, brand Cerveny in FF.
    Both mouth leadpipe and belljoint are bended so, the valve-block is bend-down likewise by common original Cimbasso's.
    and a happy Newyear
    Loek van der Heide

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