Mike McLean mutes.....any reviews

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Catherine81, May 8, 2014.

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    I've seen Mike Mclean mutes advertised, anyone tried them?
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    Yes, We have a number of them at Whitworth, Brilliant but i would be a bit cautious about the sound mixing with other types of mute in your section. We used them at Butlins and the area to take the edge off the sound. I would recommend that all the section get them rather than individually.
    I believe Dyke used a set of them the Europeans last weekend.
  3. Brilliant! and very good value.
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    One band I played with got a full set of straights and cups for the cornets. Much better than everyone using something different.
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    I use Mike McLean mutes……much better than anything else there is for flugel in my opinion. Foden's already use his euph and bari mutes……have horn mutes on order, and will be working with Mike on cornet mutes to be used for specific sounds.

    Oh, and he's a really nice guy too!
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    Shepherds have a full set of Bass mutes, which we like for the collapsability factor - you can split them in half and stick them in the bell of the instrument in the case, so there's less chance of us forgetting them! :)
    (Not that we're allowed to do that any more with our nice new shiny Neos!) :-(
    They are also very easy to play in tune.

    I think I also heard mention that our Euphs have a couple of Mike McLean straight mutes as well.
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    We used a set of horn mutes recently, sounded brilliant and the players loved them. The sop mutes are also ace.
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    I have been using his tuba Practice Mute for some time and find it great for warm ups and home practice