Midlands area moving weekends?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by tubafran, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Interesting that the Area Committee are considering bringing next years dates back - is this due to new venue availability dates?

    From 4barsrest

    "The Midlands Area Committe has informed 4BR that it is considering changing the date of its Regional contest to the last weekend of February from 2008 and welcomes feedback.
    The Midlands Area Committee has informed 4BR that it is considering changing the Area weekend to the last weekend of February, to take effect from the 2008 Area Contest.

    The committee would appreciate any relevant comments from the Bands taking part in the Midlands Area and these can be emailed to the Midlands Area Secretary – Lesley Bentley; Lesley.Bentley@dsl.pipex.com"
  2. stevetrom

    stevetrom Well-Known Member

    is this connected with a change of venue?

    if so where?
  3. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    Must be Bedworth Town Hall then a good place a nd a nice evenue as ive played ther when it was the west midlands contest venue but i dont know wheer the other hall could be in Bedworth unlesss omeone doe sknow of any
  4. on_castors

    on_castors Member

    Oh... pinch me: it must be a DREAM.... I can lie in bed until whatever hour and stumble a mere couple of miles up the road instead of that DISMAL hour-plus 35 mile journey with a thousand speed cameras and slow moving vehicles also on the A444 going to the godforsaken slum called Burton upon Trent! (That's NOT to say Bedworth isn't ALSO godforsaken, it's just NEARER and a lot more familiar!)
  5. imthemaddude

    imthemaddude Active Member

    I'm pleased it's moving to the first weekend in Feb. We had to do that in the North of England two years ago and it proved lucky for us - we won the 4th section! Maybe it can have the same effect again hehehe
  6. postie

    postie Member

    Don't you mean last weekend in Feb!!!!!!!
  7. imthemaddude

    imthemaddude Active Member

    yea that's what I meant!!
  8. honey bun

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    Just read on 4bars rest http://www.4barsrest.com/news/detail.asp?id=5134 that midlands area committee want to move the area weekend to last weekend in Feb for 2008 and asking for comments about this. Why? That makes it 2 weeks earlier. Less time for rehearse after Chrimbo.

    They want to think about changing the venue not the weekend. :rolleyes:
    Not sure what the advantage is or what it would achieve. Does anyone else know or have any thoughts? :confused:
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  9. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    well i think a number of midland bands who play at Butlins Contest will decide not to go as its a bit to close to the area contest if that will be the chosen time but all i will say contact our regional secretary Lesley Bentley who im sure will welcome your views;)
  10. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Haven't they considered changing the venue? Perhaps that's the reason they are considering changing the date - however perhaps they could have mentioned this in the press release before they asked for comments?
  11. Cor that's generous.. I'm sure the pieces aren't that hard that we need another year to practice. Also we'll be missed the nationals.
  12. jasonG

    jasonG New Member

    Couldn't agree more Lynda. For many bands that is two weeks less to prepare after the Christmas break!! There are also Butlins and Yeovil contests in the weeks leading up to the proposed last weekend in Feb. I can't really see any advantage??
    Would like to see the contest move to a better venue though, perhaps somewhere with the facility to provide refreshments on site....
  13. BarneyEuph

    BarneyEuph Member

    I agree with you honey bun. We need to work towards a better venue with the same date. Moving it forward will be to close to Butlins. There is also the excellently run North East Midland Brass Band Association contest at Derby which is held mid February (Feb 18th this year) to consider.
  14. Di

    Di Active Member

    This is being/has been looked into, and as someone suggested above, may be the reasoning for looking at a date change. The earlier discussion re the possibility of a venue change is here. ;)
  15. baritone boy

    baritone boy New Member

    Do MRC Wish to spoil butlins and Nembba contest

    I think that a date change is out of question due to butlins and nembba contests im sure top section bands would be ok with time span to learn a piece but 4th section would struggle meaning that these contest would suffer as a result and to be honest i really like both of these, but obviously the regionals are most important
  16. honey bun

    honey bun Active Member

    You're right. It does seem from what you and di said that thats the reason for the date change. There would be a few unhappy organisers if they lost a few bands from those other contests.
  17. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Well no, not right - just speculating based on what was said at the begining of last year - Di's referenced a separate thread on that.

    If they have got an alternate venue in mind then any responses received from band secs will be irrelevant - based on what's already been said regarding the change in date it would seem very unlikely that any band would want to do it. However if there was a known alternate venue then that might be a different opinion based on the concerns over the existing venues.

    The question as asked is only going to get one reply - "no thanks, leave the date where it is or later"
  18. Brian

    Brian Member

    How nice for you to be able to stumble a couple of miles up the road. I wonder what the Bands at Skegness and Swineshead think about it? It is already a very long 3hour+ drive for them, and on mainly roads also covered by the speed cams and huge lorries. But it doesnt matter really because the movement is so selfish, and some only want the contests in their back yard.

    As regards the date, as I understand it is to try and avoid other area contest dates, and the Regional Committee will probably not take into account the dates of contests such as Butlins and NEMBBA or any other for that matter outside of their own domain.
    The Midland Regional contest was always the last Area event (late April/ early May) until the dates were changed by Booseys interference, now we travel to totally inappropriate venues in very often snowy conditions to compete for the honour of representing our Area at the National Finals.
  19. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Agreed that the 10/11 is a busy weekend - the Areas this year are

    Yorkshire 3&4 March (1 area)
    Midlands, North West, Scotland, & West of England 11/12 March (4 areas)
    L&SC, North East & Wales 17/18 (3 area)

    Wasn't it the same last year too? If they want to move to avoid a clash the obvious date would be first week in March same as Yorkshire. Why would Midlands want to have a separate date with no clashes with other regions wheneveryone else apart from Yorkshire has the same problem.
  20. Bones

    Bones Member

    I appreciate that that would be a good thing. It would also give the areas the opportunity to be adjudicated by the same judges in all areas if they were on separate weekends.

    However, I would find it strange that moving it before the current early march date would benefit. I believe people who are actively involed in the Midlands committee are also involved in the NEMBBA and Butlins contest. SO that would be a very busy period for them.

    Surely we should not limit the opportunities of these bands to enter all of these contests where at all possible. Moving it forward impacts on a number of well contests and they need to be supported to keep the movement buoyant.

    Whilst I do not, at least this year anyway, play in the Midlands area. I do feel at the Midlands we have been short changed interms of venue and dates have often clashed with either the NW or Yorkshire areas. This is not a criticism of any individual in these committees. They do a great job and receive little or no thanks for it. I'm pleased that Lesley Bentley is opening up for discussion the concept of venues and dates.