Midlands Area - burger van retrospective.

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  1. rutty

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    Anyone that has played at the Midlands Regional Contest will have fond memories of the burger van in the Town Hall car park. This is the only catering available at the event, although there are a few public houses nearby, and it gets a lot of use from hungry bandspeople.


    It's a permanent fixture. When you turn up for the contest, there it is in the car park emitting steam like a small-scale coal-fired power station. As you approach, the delicious odour of junk food hits you and you find yourself ordering a bacon sandwich even though you might have only eaten your breakfast twenty minutes ago.

    Naturally, the first thing I did when I got there was order a bacon sandwich. This is what I must do on contest day. Eat a nice bacon sarnie and subsequently test the venue's toilet flushing-mechanisms. These are usually unrelated activities but essential to a successful banding experience.

    This year's bacon sandwich was delicious. In fact, it was possibly the best yet. A handily arranged table with condiments and napkins made the whole bacon sarnie-eating event much more enjoyable and at £2.20 not badly priced either. It was rather cold and I'd have preferred some sort of heating appliance - perhaps a patio heater - to be nearby, but overall this year's burger van performance was of a very high standard.

    Later on in the day, once there had been some beer consumed in one of the local public houses, a further visit was made. This time I purchased a 1/4 lb cheeseburger with bacon. I had onions on that. Once again, the quality was good and my hunger was sated.

    Next year it would be preferable if there were more entries in this section. I would hate for the performances to drop off over the years due to complacency.

    Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting and for Di for the photo (I was too lazy to take one).
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  2. Straightmute

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    This is rubbish - it's all just your opinion. How can you complain about the cold without telling us the temperature - to other people it might have been quite hot? What gives you the right to come on here and slag off the cold weather? And how can you evaluate a quarter pounder with cheese and place it in any kind of contextual framework without reference to other items on the menu? I expect better coverage than this on a free website. I'm off back to 4bars rest if this is the best you can do... blah blah blah

  3. johnmartin

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    LOL at both of you. The best yet.
  4. Bones

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    One man's burger is another mans' bacon sarnie.

    Rutty, did you you have the burger, with the optional Bb/F trigger that makes it taste in bass clef. Alternatively, was there an optional main tasting slide, with a thumb operated action on the burger. It is important to know the provenance of the burger, was it an Elkhart Cow, or maybe a Mount Vernon one. Nevertheless, with the Christian Lindbergh appetite balancers that were available from the trade stands, it would surely be a burger to reckon with.

    PS what mouthpiece would you use with that burger......
  5. GJacko

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    Nice on Rutty.

    My can of Coke (for taking on extra sugar) was just what the doctor ordered, but I thought the price tag of 80p was just too much!!

    Glad to hear you enjoyed your burget though..........lol
  6. jingleram

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    Don't know whether it had slipped your notice, but was there a napkin given to you on each occasion?
  7. Steve

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    I cant wait for 4barsrest's retrospective to see if they agree wth you or not Rutty, I thought that after the first 2 burgers of the day the rest lacked class and there is clearly a gulf between those with onions and those without. Apparently the best burger of the day didnt even get a mention when we all discussed our experiences later in the day, someone also said they were robbed of their burger :eek: shocking.
  8. rutty

    rutty Active Member

    Sadly they lost points for only providing self-service on the napkins. Points gained for choice of condiments.

    I can see that I have scope for expansion here! Perhaps an edit tomorrow may be in order....
  9. ian perks

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    I should have brought our Sausages &Burgers from work as i would have put them out of Bussiness LOL:biggrin:
    After all im your resident butcher on here just look at my Threads i have started with the meat topics
  10. brassneck

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    - hmmmmmmm! So many questions! Were the bacon sarnies classic or open to interpretation? Did you use the same criteria to judge them like last year or have you developed better taste since then having to confer with others? ;)
  11. Redhorn

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    Do they sell pies? Had a nice balti pie at Stamford Bridge the other week- it was a little luke warm though, Id have expected better at Chelski! Had one at QPR once, was so hot that it was still steaming at half time!
    Perhaps next year you could ask them if they do pies.
  12. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    I did hear say that some used ketchup instead of daddies in the burger quartet, but as the supplier of this nugget of information was stuck in a box at the time they may have been mistaken. Can anyone else throw some light on this nefarious rumour?
  13. jingleram

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    Also, I heard that the guy manning the stall was doing so with no registration card, can this be right?!
  14. Di

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    Was that a baton or a demi roll you had your bacon in?
  15. BigHorn

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    Having exprienced a Jumbo Cheese dog for breakfast and a midday cheesburger (tuned to perfection by some electronic prod thingymajig) Here are my thoughts. (By the way I think the composer made a mistake with the onions. Onions should be cut long and fried not cut into 2mm chunks and boiled to a mush)

    1st movement - A little loose - too many splits and splats
    2nd movement - A little forced - the pp being masked by rasping fff's
    3rd movement - This just stunk !
  16. rutty

    rutty Active Member

    Heh, I was going to insert something about movements. Something about being "firm but a little rushed" or something.
  17. Steve

    Steve Active Member

    Was your choice of food subliminally influenced by the massive SA influences surrounding the current production of fast food or was it more blatant (maybe an invite to a service on the napkin)!
  18. Red Elvis

    Red Elvis Active Member

    I for one welcome the SA's progressive move from providing the traditional "Army cup of tea" and expanding into the world of "outside" catering .Surely we can all benefit from the additional resources of burgers and meat-based comestibles that the SA will now bring to the contesting field and the banding movement as a whole . After all , whether SA or contest bandspersons , it is these important issues , viz a common love for a bacon sarnie or cheeseburger , which unite us.
    However , I would hate to see the SA compromise its traditional "no onions" ruling ( which has been in place since Booth's unfortunate incident the night after the 1882 Bandmasters councils festival ) just in order to achieve commercial success . By all means let there be a coming together outside a shared burger van , but not at the cost of these traditional and highly-prized principles.
    I speak as an-ex eater of SA burgers , however a developing taste for onions and occasionally mustard means I now pursue this hobby in the "outside" burger world.
  19. Bayerd

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    What lubricant to help it slide down?
  20. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    - Rumour has it that the judges thought a couple of lower sections struggled with the portions offered to them on the day!