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Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by second_horn, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. second_horn

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    Any opinions on yesterdays 4th section results at Bedworth? Nice to see Bilton training band there, a valiant attempt at a not-so-easy test piece.
  2. Mesmerist

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    Why don't you join the other sections on the Midland Area thread? :)
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  3. Euphonium Lite

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    To be fair sometimes threads can get dominated on "sub"issues - with the top & 3rd dominating. I guess 2nd horn didn't want it to get lost..... :)

    OP- I didn't hear the 4th but its nice to see new bands in any area especially where training/development bands start to contest. I personally was pleased to see Syston do well - we "bumped" up against them quite regularly in S4 and I know they've had several years of poor results in the area, so good to see them qualify for Cheltenham.
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  4. second_horn

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    When I started this one the Midlands thread had a bit of a disagreement going on about something, so I thought I'd leave them to it! Anyway, can't imagine anyone but 4th section being interested in us little old 4th sectioners, so this way they could just skip past it!
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  5. Mesmerist

    Mesmerist Well-Known Member

    Verwood was in the 4th section not so long ago and is Championship now with many of the same players. Anyone who ignores 4th section is downright rude and is missing the point of banding being about enjoyment and music making for all of those with an interest in it.
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  6. midlandman

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    well said
  7. Anno Draconis

    Anno Draconis Well-Known Member

    Out of genuine curiosity: when it was in the fourth section was Verwood a 'championship band in waiting' (in other words a lot of already high standard players in the band just waiting for their potential to be unleashed), or did the players just improve every year? Every now and again we see a few of these really impressive runs through the sections, and each time I wonder whether the band was just always too good for the lower sections but had to wait for each annual Area/Nationals cycle to advance, or whether they were an average 4th section team who just decided to knuckle down and work really hard and see how far they could get? I suspect the former, but it would be interesting to know.
  8. Adamskied

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    I've depped with Verwood on a few occasions over the last couple of years and the way they have got better is amazing. Ok, they have a few new players but a lot have been in the band a long time. Great conductor too....well he is a bass trom player so bound to be good at anything....hhhmmmm
  9. Mesmerist

    Mesmerist Well-Known Member

    Anno Draconis, When I joined Verwood they had just got into the 3rd. At that time the retiring conductor had Army musician contacts and I think one or two of these boosted the ranks for contests. Then after that one or two Royal Marine contacts were drafted in via the new conductor. The regular players were ok (hope this comes across as honest rather than rude) but so enthusiastic. They worked and worked. Rehearsals were well attended and there were sectionals often. The massive advantage Verwood has is they own their own band-room. It's a lovely building away from residential homes, situated near some woods and a park so this means they can use it whenever they want. Some players did find the fast improvements tough so a second band was formed to cater for those who could not commit at the same level. There was also a training band and an amazingly dedicated team teaching local youngsters (and oldsters - there is a large number of retired beginners). I think there are around 70 players performing in one of the three bands (not including the Acorns who are the newest instrumentalists). They have an awesome Bandmaster and his wife, Mike and Helen Dunnings, who are unbelievably dedicated. So to answer your question - no it wasn't a Championship in waiting (and remember Woodfalls, Hyde. Bournemouth and Poole are local bands who used to scout and try to attract more ambitious players) but a band full of dedicated, warm and friendly people who worked their socks off.
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