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    Middleton Band are looking for a 2nd trombone player for Rochdale contest and beyond; we're a 2nd section band in the North Manchester area. In our 140th anniversay year, we're now 18 months into an ambitious five year plan of exciting concerts and tours, having just come back from a successful trip to the Isle of Man.

    We've got a thriving youth band and we're committed to balancing the need to keep playing standards up with the need to have fun and play some new stuff. This year we've already premiered a major original work and several new arrangements, with more planned for next year.

    If you fancy some 21st century banding give us a shout. You can contact us on facebook, via our website or drop me a line 07967 166003 or andrew.baker@morthanveld.com. Tuned percussion and cornets are also particularly welcome, but as we're quite happy to have a "squad system" and field a bigger team at concerts anyone who fancies a blow is welcome to get in touch!