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    I hope I have posted in the correct place.

    I am looking for historic photos of Middleton Band, so i can produce a timeline for a presentation i have to give. I can find out a lot of the results thanks to Brass Band Results, but was was wondering if anyone knew if official photos were taken and kept from the national finals? As we were there and won in 1983 but we dont have any photos.

    If you have any ideas on finding these sorts of photos or if you have any photos of the band at all it would be appreciated if you could send them over to me webmaster@middletonband.com

    Also if you have done something similar and have any hints or tips for finding old photos would be appreciated. :)


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    Jimbob103, may I point out that copyright ownership exists for photographs every bit a much as it does for music. Wherever you source your photographs, please bear this in mind and make sure you have the permission of the copyright holder to use them (that's usually, but not always, the person who took the picture).

    Good luck with your project.
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    Hi The Wherryman,

    Thanks for your advice it is much appreciated, unfortunately no one has yet come up with any suggestions on where to find these so i will have to keep looking! ;)

    I thought there might be a library somewhere with them all in but maybe not?

    Thanks again,

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    jimbob103, you may have already considered these options, but here goes:

    Regarding official photographs, at every contest I've been to, both regional and national, there has been an official photographer. I would think the contest organiser for any particular event would know who was used. It would depend on the individual firm as to how long an archive was kept, but it would be somewhere to start.

    Is there a local newspaper for your area, which might have published news (and photos) of any of your concerts? If so, they may have archived the photos.

    Buy yourself a deerstalker hat and a pipe, track down as many previous players as possible and make a direct approach - they might not read tMP :mad: