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    Just seen this on their website.

    It is with regret that we have to announce that, for various reasons,
    Mid Rhondda Band has closed. We would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our past and present players for their committment and hard work over the years and wish everyone all the best for the future.

    Very sad news.
  2. Cantonian

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    This is very sad but there are opportunities for some consolidation in the Rhondda. There has been a shortage of players for three bands in a 5-6 mile radius for some time. This has caused all three bands (Treherbert, Mid Rhondda and Parc and Dare) to struggle to varying degrees for some time.

    Should the committees get together, burying the parochialism of the past and make a start to an exciting future for continuation of top class banding in the Rhondda?
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    I cant believe it! i Heard them at the ammanford contest!
    Really sorry to hear this,its not good news!
    Banding in s.wales is not in good shape at the moment!
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    Very sad news no appeal for players as far as iv read and a reel shock, they had a very promising youth structor in place to a few years back.
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    I believe they have been advertising several vacancies for quite some time now on 4BR.
    Seems there may have been too many bands and not enough players to go around lately in this area.
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    Sorry to hear this news:

    When I left the Salvation Army training college in 1978 I was appointed to a probation home at House of the Trees. The nearest corps was Williamstown, where I was welcomed when I could get - on trombone, as that was the only spare instrument they had! My colleague Rod, however, was an excellent percussionist and, finding little opportunity at the Corps, linked up with Mid Rhondda while he was there.

    I recall attending several concerts when he was playing with the band, and it was great that he was given the opportunity to keep his hand in. Rod's no longer with us, but I'm sure he would join in expressing his gratitude, and his sadness at the band's demise.
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    Myself, Mr Webmaster and a few other friends helped another local band at a concert 4 days ago. We decided to go for lunch prior to concert. Webmaster was telling us of the phone call he had received asking him to remove all player profiles from the MRband website and post the above mentioned message on the home page. No-one was more suprised than him when he was asked to do this! The phone call came from a senior committee member of the band hence he obliged.

    Neither myself nor Webmaster are full-time members of MRB or committee members, but we are none-the-less registered members of the band. The first I've heard about the band continuing in a non-competitive fashion was reading 4BR yesterday.

    Whatever else is or isn't currently going on with MRB one thing is quite clear - there are serious breakdowns in communication, not just with the general public, but with their own band members also! :confused:
  9. Long gone are the days where the majority of bands were totally locally independant and thriving community organisations.
    No matter how much they hype it up on radio 2 listen to the band or anywhere else, banding today is diminishing and at lightning pace with only exceptions here and there.

    The Mid-Rhondda band is one of many feeling the pinch
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    As a past member of the band I am saddened to hear that it has got to this point. MRB was my first contesting band and I enjoyed my time with them. It is a sad situation in Welsh banding at the moment with 3 of the well known bands no longer able to put a out a full compliment of players and therefore having to either downscale or close the bandroom doors for the last time.

    As I now play with another band it is also a sad state of affairs that the amount of competition available to play against is diminishing this alone is no good for the future of welsh contests.

    I hope that the band can get back on their feet soon.