Micklehurst Brass Band

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by suttynco, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. suttynco

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    Cast your minds back....does anyone remeber Micklehurst Brass Band of Mossley...i'm told there was one but can't seem to find out anything other than that.....can anyone help or is this just a wild goose chase?
  2. nev

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    I'm sure you'll get some replies! There was a Micklehurst Band, I played bass trombone for a short while around 1989, and we rehearsed in a mill in Stalybridge (near the Labour Club) when the band was sponsored by HMF. Later, rehearsals were moved to Newton/Hyde and then to Carrbrook. I'm fairly sure the band continues under another name, still in Carrbrook.
  3. Hi Richard,

    Nev (hi Nev) is right, the band changed their name to Carrbrook, and rehearse at the Church Inn, Carrbrook (before Sandman pulls me up, it could be Millbrook!). I know that they rehearse on a Wednesday, as I pass the Church regularly, just as players are arriving carrying cases. Jim Hunter was taking them up until recently, but I believe Lee Dunkerley is now their MD.