Michael Kamen's brass quintet/Final Countdown/Romance for euphs

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Imperial, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. Imperial

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    Does anybody know of a good arrangement of Europe's "Final Countdown" for brass band or preferably for ten piece brass/other brass ensemble. I have heard German Brass playing it in a wonderful arrangement. Would it possibly be available anywhere?
  2. Imperial

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    Romance for two euphoniums

    does anybody know where to buy "romance" for two euhponiums and brass band
    by John Philips? it's recorded by the Childs Brothers on the CD "Euphonium Music"
    , Doyen. But where to get the sheet music? I've been looking all over for it..... :-(
  3. Imperial

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    Michael Kamen's brass quintet

    Does anybody know where to get Michael Kamen's brass quintet?
    I know it's sometimes also called "tribute". But where to get the sheet music for brass quintet. I've found it for concert band but that probably doesn't help to much...
  4. Roger Thorne

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    Hi Imperial, welcome to tMP.

    I have merged your three 'does anybody know' threads together. It is a lot easier for people wanting to receive/give information if these requests are contained together.

    I'm sure as the day goes on all your questions will be answered - in the meantime try Bernaerts Music for 'The Final Countdown' http://www.bernaertsmusic.com/