Michael Dodd to perform in Switzerland

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  1. Michael Dodd,Principal Euponium for Grimethorpe(UK Coal) Band is to perform as guest soloist with SWT Woodfalls Band for a week long tour of Switzerland from 11th to 18th of June.The tour includes concerts at Lantsch,Chur,Ilang,Village-Neuf & Vuippens.The MD for the tour is Chris Joynes,who is also a former Grimethorpe cornet player.Chris has been resident in Switzerland for 27 years and is an accomplished conductor,arranger and owner of Diminuendo,the sole importer of Sterling Instruments for Switzerland.Michael Dodd's appearance is supported by Sterling Musical Instruments as part of his role as a Sterling Virtuoso Artist.
  2. 2nd man down

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    Good luck with the tour guys, hope all goes well and successful for you.

    Look after our Roy and Linda for us while you're over there, we've only just cultured them in to drinking pints of decent beer since they moved up here, we don't want them corrupting back in to any shandy drinking southern habits! ;)
  3. Cornishwomble

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    Eh oop what's thee talking about sithee, where's me pigeon?
  4. Hornblower RN

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    Any information on when the band is performing....my partner and I are going to South of France via Switzerland starting on Monday...it would be wonderful to catch them performing in the afternoon whilst enroute
  5. Hi and thanks for your interest in the tour.You can get detailed information from Woodfalls Band Manager- Brian Easterbrook at brian@easterbrook14.freeserve.co.uk .

    I hope you manage to get to one of the concerts.

  6. Cornishwomble

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    The information for the tour is as follows:

    Sunday 12th June
    19:30-22:00 Gala Concert - LANTSCH

    Monday 13th June
    11:30-12:00 Apéritif Concert (Lantsch)
    15:30-16:30 Bank Concert (Chur)

    Tuesday 14th June
    20:00-22:30 Gala Concert - ILANZ

    Wednesday 15th June
    20:00-22:30 Gala Concert - VILLAGE-NEUF (France)

    Friday 17th June
    19:30-22:00 Gala Concert - VUIPPENS

  7. Hornblower RN

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    Thanks for the information Roy...unfortunately the itinerary doesn't coincide with mine. I shall be further West ...around Montreux and Evian on the Wednesday and Thursday. Thanks anyway
  8. persins

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    Hee Hee Hee,

    we certainly managed to look after Roy and Linda on the tour. I think they both had a good time. I'm sure they both learnt a thing or two as well!!! I wish I could divulge more information but hey, "what goes on tour, stays on tour!" (mostly!!!!!)

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