Merchant Navy Day, a Remembrance of National Sevice

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    As someone whose family worked both directly in and in support of the Merchant Navy I have always thought that their contribution to both World Wars is largely unrecognised and likewise their bravery. Who today would have their courage, to go out to Sea virtually unarmed knowing that heavily armed and well informed enemies await you? Recently I discovered, by chance, that the Merchant Navy’s contributions have begun to be accepted and that there is now a National Day of Remembrance for them. This post is to inform the forum of such a day and encourage its support, maybe your band could play at your local / civic event. The extract below is lifted from Wikipedia ( Merchant Navy (United Kingdom) - Wikipedia )

    “In the Second World War, German U-boats sank nearly 14.7 million tons of Allied shipping,[8] which amounted to 2,828 ships (around two thirds of the total allied tonnage lost). The United Kingdom alone suffered the loss of 11.7 million tons, which was 54% of the total Merchant Navy fleet at the outbreak of the Second World War. 32,000 merchant seafarers were killed aboard convoy vessels in the war, but along with the Royal Navy, the convoys successfully imported enough supplies to allow an Allied victory.

    In honour of the sacrifices made in the two World Wars, the Merchant Navy lays wreaths of remembrance alongside the armed forces in the annual Remembrance Day service on 11 November. Following many years of lobbying to bring about official recognition of the sacrifices made by merchant seafarers in two world wars and since, Merchant Navy Day became an official day of remembrance on 3 September 2000.”

    This article from the Daily Telegraph also holds helpful information and context: 'The young generation should know': Britain's forgotten Merchant Navy heroes

    For those interested I think that there will be both local events (by chance I discovered that there is one near me) and a National Event in London. I believe that there will be a Band (Royal Marines) at the National event and I would have thought that Bands would be desired at local/civic events. This year the National Event will be on Sunday 9th September (first Sunday either on after the 3rd day of the month). They’re out of date but for the gist of things see : Merchant Navy Day Service 2017 | The Watch Ashore , Merchant Navy Day, 3 September , and Events Calendar | First World War Centenary .

    If you wish to contact your local branch of the Merchant Navy Association, and support the day, then a list of branches may be found here : Branches - The Merchant Navy Association .

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