Meltham March Contest

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  1. Does anyone have the results of the Meltham March and Hymn Tune contest held last week?
  2. Aaron

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    I dont have a full list of results with me, all i can tell you is Marsden won march & hymn.

    If you log onto our website: the results will be posted very shortly
  3. geordiecolin

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    1. Marsden (Whitburn, Honest Toil) 189 pts
    2. Old Silkstone (St. Clements, Senator) 186 (?) pts.
    3. Elland Silver
    4. ?
    5. ?
    6. ?
    7. Old Silkstone 'B' (Whitburn, Kenilworth)
    8. ?
    9 ?

    Best Hymn: Marsden. 95 pts, Whitburn
    Best March: Marsden. 94 pts, Honest Toil

    A pleasant, if insufferably windy and cold contest. I played with Old Silkstone and Old Silkstone 'B' and had a good evening. Thought Marsden deserved the victory, I think OS left their best performance in Meltham band room to be honest.