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  1. Some there be, that call me... Bob.
    Currently playing tenor (alto) horn in a small town brass quintet. (Jupiter, 456L, DW 1 mouthpiece).

    Looking to scavenge any knowledge about the horn, from anyone who plays or teaches. (I'm the only tenor horn player that I know of for about 150 miles.)
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    Welcome Bob, and hope you enjoy your visits to tMP.
  3. second_horn

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    Welcome from another tenor horn player! Do you live in the outer Hebrides by any chance? I didn't think we hornists were quite that rare!
  4. Leveridge96

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    Welcome! Good to see more horn players on here >:D
  5. John Brooks

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    I think our new friend must be from south west of the Hebrides by a few thousand miles. The reference to "Alto Horn" suggests the US to me. Wherever you're from Bob, welcome.
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  6. Thank you! I'm not in Scotland, but in New Scotland. I think of it as a tenor horn, but in this, as in other things, Canadians wind up being bilingual, whether they like it or not.
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