MD's Stunt Brings The House Down!

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    Just prior to the final piece during the Shirley Band's Christmas Concert at Hall Green Little Theatre, MD Kevin Short suffered one of those "You've been framed" moments.

    Whilst announcing the final piece, the front of the stage gave way leading to a 5 foot vertical drop, with just Kevin's head sticking above the stage.

    Fortunately, little damage was sustained beyond a grazed shin and a cut finger, and despite the shock and technical difficulties of extracting Kevin from the "pit" he was able to continue with the remainder of the concert.

    Anyone who has played with the band at this venue will know that the front of the stage is particularly notorious for its flimsy construction and strategically placed trap door, which has claimed victims in the past. Cornet player Matt Kimber, albeit of a more lightweight construction than Kevin, disappeared from view through the open trap door a couple of years ago.

    More surprising was the absence of anyone from Claims 4 You in the auditorium! Injury lawyers are thought to be a more populous than cockroaches.

    The band were also glad of the help of Martin Cooper (he of Desford and GUS fame) on the front row, who flew in from Malta that very morning. We'd like to think that it was specially for the occasion!
  2. Di B

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    Oh my goodness! Pass on my best wishes to Kev.

    I can imagine it happening to him - and I also imagine that he probably continued to conduct (if he had been playing euph nowt would have put him off!)

    If I'd been depping I'd have done it free just for the laugh! ;-)
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    You can always depend on me to end a concert on a high or a low in this case .
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    This made me laugh, cheers!

    I remember our euph player falling off stage at a contest, and my dad who was conductor at the time leapt to rescue... the euph. Priorities...
  5. Bass Trumpet

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    Remember, where there's blame, there's a claim! Not only for physical injuries, but there's the emotional trauma of the event, the constant flashbacks, the nightmares, whiplash, lost earnings and (of course) the mental block every time you conduct a band, necessitating in expensive regression therapy......

    Take them for everything they have :biggrin:
  6. HowarthBrass

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    Hope you're OK now Kev.
    That stage at 'Hall Green Little Theatre' has been a death trap for years.
    It's about time they did something about it, before someone gets seriously hurt!

    Mark H.