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  1. If there is a 4th section band looking for a dep. m.d. then contact me and I'd be very happy to help if I'm available.

    I can also dep. on trombone (any part 1st section and below), bass trombone (3rd section and below), euphonium baritone and Bb bass (4th section).

    I live in Hebden Bridge, and I can travel up to about 20miles depending on location. I'm currently registered as 3rd section, but I'm up for helping in contests if the rules and time permit.

    I'm a very committed bandsman and I can guarentee 100% effort when it comes to playing or conducting, but most importantly I'm here to enjoy it so if you require a dep. for the above then contact me via a PM on here.


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    Hi Clive, would suggest you contact Lofthouse Band, they were looking for an MD for their youth band. They've got a great outfit, fantastically organised, super people and alot of very enthusiastic learners. Contact details are on their website.

    Hope things are going well at Huddersfield, coming up to summer you're bound to get lots of offers to dep, I know I have. See you around.