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  1. Hi Everyone

    Having just recently passed the band studies course, I have decided that my break from full time banding should come to an end and this is what im looking for.

    Solo Trombone in 1st or 2nd section, might even consider 3rd if the band has good potential.

    Musical Director for 4th section, possibly 3rd section although this would be my 1st MD appointment full time so I would like to start my conducting in the lower sections.

    If anyone would like any info on my music experience or just anything in general to do with this then do not hesitate to PM me.

    The reason for me choosing these options is I'm looking for a new challenge, to start on a clean slate with a band I have not played with or conducted before full time.

    I am able to travel up to about an hour to a band

    Hope to hear from you soon

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  2. Hi Guys and Girls

    Just a quick update

    I've just recently been to the graduation ceremony and I am now officially Clive Morris BA (Hons) (if I was to decide to have the letters next to my name of course).

    I am newly registered with Lostock Hall band but that is just for the finals, and with my registration being a new 1, it means that I can move on after to another band.

    I have had good contact so far with a 1st section yorkshire band, and a Champ. section north west band, both for vacant Solo Trombone seats, and both positions interest me very much.

    I'm still open to hearing about any other vacancies for a Solo Trombone seat and again I will be open to any section, I will consider any bands although the info in the original post still stands really.

    I'm also still looking for a conducting position and again if any bands have some conducting positions going then I will consider them because the way things are right now, I'm really up for considering almost anything. Keeping my options very open!

    If theres anything going then please PM me some details and we'll take things from there.


    Clive :tup
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    I don't know if any one from Stannington Brass Band has already contacted you, but we have a vacancy for a solo trombone player at present.

    We are a first section band rehearsing in north Sheffield. We have a new and dynamic conductor and are hoping to do well at the areas again next year after coming third this time. Our rehearsals are on Thursday and Sunday nights from 7.30 to 9.30.

    If you fancy coming along for a blow and meeting us all (we're a nice friendly bunch) then PM me, or StanningtonBrassBand (our secretary) and we'll let you know the details. :)
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    I take it that the other side of York would be a bit far for you - Swinton Band are looking for a bandmaster and would be glad to meet you if you are interested