MD / Resident Conductor position wanted – North Lincolnshire, East / North Yorkshire

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by Blades4Ever, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Blades4Ever

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    I am an experienced conductor looking for a committed, fun loving band in the North Lincolnshire, East Yorkshire or North Yorkshire regions.

    Most of my experience has been gained at New Zealand ‘A’ Grade and UK 1st Section / Lower Championship Section, although I would consider a band of any grade if they were ambitious.

    My wife and I have just moved to live in Hunmanby, near Filey in North Yorkshire, and I would be available to take up a position immediately.

    As I am no longer in full time employment, I will be in a position to give everything to the cause, including non-musical duties, should the band wish me to help in that way.

    I would consider any committed, ambitious band within 50 miles of Hunmanby.

    My UK contest conducting record can be found at:

    Send me a private message or email me on for further details, including my CV.

    Ian Scott
  2. Blades4Ever

    Blades4Ever Member

    I now have a land line and can be contacted on 01723-259176.

    Ian Scott
  3. KnightTemplar

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    I worked with Ian when he was MD at Kibworth. You couldn't wish for a more motivated, dedicated MD. He has a very strong background as a player working with Peter Parkes, Ray Farr, Arthur Kenney, Albert Chappell and many other greats. We had a great time at Kibworth working hard, winning lots of contests and having a lot of fun. If your band wants to make real progress, Ian's your man.

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