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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by andyh, Aug 27, 2008.

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    Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK
    Alan Duguid has announced that he is to step down as MD of Woodbridge Excelsior Band for reasons which are due to changes in his work and personal commitments. Naturally we are sad to see Alan leave us, but fully understand and support his decision and wish him all the best in his future conducting career. He has a lot to be proud of with his achievements at Woodbridge over the last few years.

    This leaves us with an MD vacancy and we would like to invite applicants to contact Band Secretary Sara Norris by email at

    Woodbridge Excelsior Band is a thriving 3rd Section band with good attendance at rehearsals (I'm sure Alan will confirm this). We regularly perform in our local town to audiences of 150 or more and we have a varied annual engagement list. We enter the L&SC Area contests each year and have been a National Finalist in the 4th Section. We have been in the prizes at the SCABA Entertainments and the Mineworkers contests in recent years.

    All applications will be treated in confidence and the band is happy for potential applicants to approach Alan (aka cornetcheese of this parish) in confidence for information, as Alan will be helping the band over this transition period (formal applications should, though, go via Sara).

    We'd like to thank Alan for his leadership over the last few years and wish him the very best of luck in his new venture with Tilbury. Any band that gets Alan as MD should count themselves very lucky to have appointed a talented young conductor who is clearly going places!

  2. cornetcheese

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    I'd like to echo Andy's sentiments with regards to the band - this really is a highly committed group of players with a great deal of enthusiasm and desire to succeed. I thoroughly enjoy conducting the band and have made the long journey from London to Suffolk regularly to conduct them. If it weren't for increasing work committments I would love to continue, but unfortunately this is not going to be possible!

    If interested I would urge you to apply - this is a band that is really going places!!
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