MD required for Barnsley Concert Band (Non Contesting) - Barnsley, South Yorkshire

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  1. 2ndclarinet

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    Our present MD is moving on and has left us with a vacancy to fill.

    Barnsley Concert Band is a non-contesting band looking to recruit an MD with experience of conducting concert bands. A sound understanding of brass & woodwind instrumentation, the ability to communicate at all levels, excellent compering skills & a good sense of humour are essential.

    Rehearsals take place on Thursday evenings, 7.30pm-9.30pm 15 mins from Jct 37 M1.

    Email by 15 Sept 2016 attaching a full CV & brief explanation of why you are interested in the position. The current expected start date for the successful candidate is 5 Jan 2017.

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  2. Matthew

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    You left out the salary and perks. ;)
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    Paying Conductors ! What ever next ?

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    IMHO the MD's salary should be double the sum of what the Secretary and Treasurer get. In a non-contesting band that would be sweet FA in monetary terms, of course a 'proper bandsman/woman' wouldn't expect much if anything in the way of payment ...... just for their efforts not to be taken for granted, etc.

    Perks, the command of the band to produce (as best they can) the music that the MD wants to hear and the satisfaction gained in turning a band's rubbish playing into something presentable.
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