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    'tis Payn by name, pain by nature. Many of you will already know that last October, I upped sticks and moved from London to be with my lovely girlfriend on the Isle of Arran. (We actually attended the same Saturday music school - the Centre for Young Musicians - at the same time in 1977 but never met until three years ago!) Yup, I'm still here! Not all roses, mind as I'm struggling to find regular work and therefore the finances to finally start my planned publishing business, but I am hoping to be selling a large, well known brass band catalogue when I finally get going. Not counting chickens so I'll reveal more later.

    Anyway, some more of my past: I studied trumpet and piano at the Royal College of Music but things didn't quite work out as planned and left after a year. Nevertheless, I have tried to take on board what I learned there, at school and what I've learned performing in various ensembles over the years. As a player, I have been principal trumpet of Bromley Symphony Orchestra, Orpington Symphony Orchestra (with whom I performed the Hummel Trumpet Concerto in 1995) and Barnet Symphony Orchestra. Band wise, I've played in Bromley Concert Band, Royal Eltham Concert Band. Brass band wise, I've played in Crystal Palace Band, Fulham Brass Band and East London Brass. Conducting wise, the credits (if that's the right word... :)) read, Crystal Palace Band, Fulham Brass Band, Epsom and Ewell Silver, (as well as guesting for a number of other southern-based brass bands), Barnet Concert Band, Merton Concert Band and Harrow Concert Band. I've also occasionally conducted the choir of St John's East Dulwich with whom I conducted a choral evensong at Southwark Cathedral in 1999. I am also the brass band tutor for the annual Workers' Music Association Summer School.

    You'd think it was about time I started learning how to conduct, wouldn't you :)

    Since moving to Arran, I've taken up golf (it's tres cheap here!) breaking the local record for the long drive distance for a lump of turf. I never lose golf balls, simply because I never manage to hit them.

    I am a member of the local brass band (called, oddly enough, Arran Brass) as well as having set up a brass quintet from the band which rehearses in our house. Good thing the neighbours are hard of hearing.

    I'm an absolute b*gger for the music of J.S. Bach but I like to think I've got an open mind (usually, a scalpel will do the trick) for other composers and genres of music.

    I've gained a reputation on tMP as a purveyor of bad jokes and puns which I find utterly defamatory. My jokes and puns aren't bad, they're sodding awful! ;)

    As a brass band conductor, my advice to others is never to say to your audience, 'We have a programme to suit all tastes' unless you're including, hip-hop, grunge, death metal, rap etc. etc. in addition to the usual fare of original band works, classical, easy listening, jazz, Acid Brass......

    I promise one day soon to resurrect the quizzes I used to present on this forum. Well, maybe.

    I am notorious for allegedly being absent minded. I say 'allegedly', because that's what I was told and I've forgotten what 'absent minded' means.


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  2. TheMusicMan

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    Glad to see you back here again Dave, more laffs on their way then...:)
  3. Dave Payn

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    If you're not careful..... ;)
  4. PeterBale

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    Hope it has some nice pictures in it ;)

    Looking forward to those quizzes, Dave, and to more frequent pearls of wisdom for you to throw before us swine :D
  5. Dave Payn

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    Yes; I'll be posing (nothing new there), spreadeagled across a mock leather sofa studying a brass band score with my best whippet by my side.

  6. Di

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    Good to see you back again. :biggrin:
  7. DublinBass

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    I've tried to put a couple together while you were gone, but it is much easier for me when you do them ;)

    I do miss them too!!

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