Mbale District Youth Band Whit Marches 2010

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  1. Andrew Norman

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    Philip Monk has a dream to bring the Mbale District Youth Band to compete in 2010. Take a look at to learn about the great work he's doing.
    To bring his band to the UK will cost about £12000 and I would like you to help him raise a little of this.

    Step 1. Take a look at my composition "Celebration" at or listen to the MP3 at
    Step 2. If you like it send me a donation via Paypal ( I suggest a donation of about £5) to I'll send you a link to download the parts as PDF files and forward the donation (less £1 to cover Paypal costs etc.) to Philip.

    The music should be playable by most standards of bands and should work for smaller bands too.

    This offer ends on June 30th 2009
  2. Andrew Norman

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    This offer ends on June 30th 2009

    Philip is also grateful for all those old instruments stuck in your cupboards which you know will never get repaired and used again. Contact him at
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