Maynard at Ronnies

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by andywooler, Aug 2, 2005.

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    At the age of 77, The "Boss" is still pumping out the high stuff at Ronnie Scotts this week - I went last night and what a band he has this time around - a trumpet section that's tighter than a duck's whatsit. Look out for a fabulous young drummer he has with him too, who rpoves that you can play tunes on a drum kit in Girl from Ipanema)

    Was anyone else there last night? (It's usually full of brass players for a Maynard gig!).

    Also managed to pick up the latest DVD (not available over here or on Amazon) - tip: buy it from Ed Sargent, the tour manager in the downstairs bar after the gig - it'll be cheaper than from the upstairs mercvhandise area!
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    Blimey - didn't know this was on.

    Is it worth going to Andy?

    Maynard's band is usually top dog. Have seen them twice at Scott's. Would really really love to see them this time too.

    If anyone is interested they can see details HERE

    I'm really tempted. It may possibly be the last time you get to see the legend.

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    sorry I didn't reply to this - went on hols the next day and only just back! Did you go later in the week? To answer your question, it was indeed well worth it! Great band and despite his age, Maynard can still speak to the dogs!
    Judging by his tour schedule, it looks like he intends going on until he drops on stage although like you, I also don't think we'll get too many more opportunities to see him here in the UK again.