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    Saturday, May 14th. Solo recital no. 18, St. Mary's Parish Church, Slough, Berkshire, UK.

    with guest Louise Wright (Euphonium) from the Solent Concert Band, Portsmouth.

    with Malcolm Stowell, piano & organ. 12 noon, admission free.

    Programme of Music;
    Premiere; Dance with Europe, Seth Jervis, U.S.A.
    Finale, movement 5, Poland, Polonaise.

    Rondo from The Bassoon Concerto op.96, Mozart
    played on a Hawkes Dictor 4 valve euphonium, circa 1920.

    Soliloquy, Philip Sparke, played by guest Louise Wright.

    Our 100th. recital piece!
    Premiere; (organ version) Recollections, Terry Treherne

    Premiere; The Kiss of Light, "To my friend, Charley Brighton", Yvonne Anthony, Australia.

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    What did Mr. Lock Play?
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    Hi Ben,

    If I remember correctly (but not in order);

    The Queen of the Night aria, Mozart
    Concertino, Gareth Wood
    The Swan
    3 Bagatelles, Bryan Kelly
    Clowns, Gareth Wood.

    Were there any pics from your debut?

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    No, unfortunately!

    Glad to see that Stephen did Concertino - tis a great piece!
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    Yes, and at the end of this term he leaves The Harrow School and goes to Brighton (where else!) University to study music technology.

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