Maurice Murphy has died :-(

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    The original Star Wars recording was actually his first notes in the position of Principal Trumpet with the LSO - not bad for a first day in the new job.

    I was lucky enough to meet Maurice a couple of times and he was one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.
    He inspired thousands of players, myself included and lived up to (and exceeded) all his wonderful reputation, both with the trumpet and without.

    With the passing of Maurice Murphy the world has lost not just a great trumpeter (possibly THE greatest), not just a great musician, but a truly wonderful human being.

    Gabriel has been demoted
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    Legend. Simple as that.

    I am truly honoured to have known him. My own experiences of working with him are few, but memorable and I will always be proud to say I played in a section with him. When he was playing, there was that extra sparkle that spread throughout the whole orchestra that I have never experienced with any other trumpet player.

    Very sad to see him go.
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    :clap: :clap: :clap:
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    I wish I could take the credit for it, but I am ashamed to admit I pinched that from someone on Facebook
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    I think i'm right in saying he also provided the well known Cornet solo on the Gladiator soundtrack

    RIP MM
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    .....not forgetting the incidental music on Brassed Off.
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    I heard a story that the first ever note that he played with the LSO was the opening chord of Star Wars! Is this true?
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    This is very sad news indeed about the passing of Maurice. He always was my favourite player from the time I heard him play Le Roi D'Ys with Black Dyke. His cornet and trumpet playing was only equalled
    by his modesty, sincerity and love of life.

    I see that his age is given as 74 on but he was actually 75, as his date of birth was
    7th August 1935. We shared the same birthday of 7th August but he was just a few years older than me.

    RIP to the greatest player ever!
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    see post #21 by Trumpetmike in this very same thread...
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    It was the first thing he played in the official position of principal trumpet, but he had played as guest principal on a tour (America, possibly?) before he was offically appointed.
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    I have a CD (EMI Classics - LSO, cond. Michael Tilson Thomas, soprano Barbara Hendricks, rec. 1994) containing Copland and Barber music.

    I ordered the CD specifically to hear Maurice Murphy playing Copland's "Quiet City". MM is tremendous - it's worth the price of the CD for just that one track. Thanks MM. :clap:
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    The two Maurices of the trumpet world (Andre and Murphy) have been a great inspiration to myself and many others. I heard Mr Murphy at the Stars In Brass recording in Manchester a number of years ago and he was just amazing, brilliant sound and technique. Something went wrong with the recording of Virtuosity and he came back on to play, cracked a joke and then nearly took the roof off with the last note (F above top C I think). I think Frank Renton said something like "the last note was a top 'Z' folks!" His recording of the Denis Wright Cornet Concerto with the City of Coventry Band is a solo that also stands out for me, superb. RIP the legend, Maurice Murphy.
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    Once had the honour and delight of accompanying Maurice when he guested for our band in Consett about 16 years ago. The Arutunian Concerto was awesome - just like the man himself.... :clap:
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    Rather late in the day, I'm afraid, but if you can get hold of a copy of today's Times (Wednesday 3rd November) there is a fine obituary of Maurice Murphy. It's the lead obit, and pushes a middle eastern King and the former Prime Minister of Barbados into 2nd and 3rd places. Quite right too.

    No doubt you can find it online too but The Times now charges for its online content.
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    As a trumpet student, this is a huge loss! maurice was such a great player and someone who manage to touch many with his playing. He was a lovely man, but his playing will always live on!

    We should all be happy to listen/enjoy his playing even now! my thoughts are with those who were close to him and knew him well, we will always remember maurice in many positive ways!

    Rest in peace, a hero to many!

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    And caused by an incompetant junior doctor apparently, according to This is London
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    And from what it seems, the doctor responsible is still employed!!??