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    This is from my current experience....that although universities may want to encourage more mature students into professions such as nursing, the whole application process (UCAS) is very much aimed at young applicants, either in school still, or who have just left.

    It seems that because I finished my school 17 years ago, the system doesn't recognise my school (it has changed its name in the time), half of my results (because the exam board has changed in the meantime), my university (which has also changed its name), and my degree (which isn't offered as a choice on the list)....and also wants me to provide a reference from my current school!!

    I'm not at school.....I'm 35 years old with two kids!! lmao.

    I can't tell you how many emails I've had to send to my preferred uni.....why do UCAS have to have such a one size fits all approach to applications?

    Has anyone else suffered from this, or similar, because they are a 'bit older'???
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    Miight well be worth contacting your proposed School of Nursing directly and speaking to the admissions tutor.

    My degree was in a totally unrelated subject to Nursing but still counted for a lot. Given some of the dross I have seen accepted for training at the related "University" you sound more than eminently qualified.

    The School of Nursing will also be able to advise you on references etc from an academic viewpoint if you have not studied recently.

    All the best and keep us posted
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    I'm gonna pop in tomorrow and speak to the admissions office for sure....I was kinda hoping that they would've replied to my emails regarding the references thing, coz that is really all I'm waiting for now, having manually inputted everything else on the form....but I've had nothing so yeah, I'm gonna pop in tomorrow.

    I spoke to the course director at the open day they had, and she was more than happy that I had an actual degree already, and said that it was more than they required at a basic entry level, mainly because it shows a willingness and ability to study at the required level....

    Its just a pain that filling in the application form is such a pain! Surely, making a huge decision that will have effects on my life for the next 3 or 4 or 5 years (I am considering going onto to do the midwifery conversion once I've finished the degree), should be straightforward when it comes to filling in a form lol!
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    is this full time course you are doing?
    I was a mature student doing a part time course and the process is very different and takes into considerationlife skills, don't even go through UCAS.