Matt: Favourite MD and favourite venue...?

Discussion in 'tMP's .... "On the Spot" interview area' started by MRSH, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. MRSH

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    North Lancing
    1) Who is your favourite conductor you have played under? Not necessarily the best or most successful? And why?

    2) What is the best venue you've ever played in?
  2. Ankanala

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    Hi Matt

    Elgar Howarth is just an amazing musician and never ceased to inspire and help me. I spent many afternoons at his home when I first became top man at Grimethorpe. We would sit and play pieces, first and then me, then we would talk about what we had done and the differences we made. He never talked down to me and always listened to my reasoning. We then put together the best bits of both our performance and made a better piece. it was an amazing experience.

    Also, I have always worked well in band with Frank Renton. Again Frank is prepared to listen to another point of view and despite some heated discussions we produced excellent performances. I think he respected a forthright opinion and although we didn`t always agree we never fell out and have worked trogether successfully at several bands most notably Grimethorpe. I also enjoy beating him at golf!

    For venues, Sydney Opera House has to be up there. I am always thrilled to play at RAH, but I think the best Concert hall in Europe is without doubt Symphony Hall in Birmingham.
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