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  1. SoloBaritone

    SoloBaritone Member

    Who's going to the Masters? I know most of the people off here that'll be going and playing; Aidan, Chris, Richard etc but who's going and not playing?

    I'll be there not playing, my first time in 3 years I haven't done it :cry:

    You'll probably see me in the bar at 11 because there's no way I'm listening to about 20 performances of Chivalry!! I'll probably listen to Imps, Frickley and Sellers.


    PS. It's my 20th birthday, woohoo!!! Richard, you can twist my arm and buy me a pint again! :wink:
  2. Mark Bousie

    Mark Bousie Member

    Hi Jayne,

    You can have quite a few drinks on Sellers' behalf cos we're doing the concert (along with Leyland) before the results.No doubt we'll draw really early then! Should be a good day though. Chivalry's growing on me (slightly!).
    See ya there.

  3. SoloBaritone

    SoloBaritone Member

    Hiya Mark!

    Chivalry's not bad, just really cheesey! I've played it a couple of times with Imps, not much in for bari's but it's a right blow for horns. Suppose it's better than some of the test pieces over the last year.

    Don't worry I'll have a few for you! I'm gutted you's are doing that concert because I'll probably hardly see Wee Kay; contests aren't the same without her getting drunk and having a Scottish rant!

    It's pants the results are after the concert, I don't think it'll encourage people to come and listen, it'll encourage people to drink even more. At least it means most bands will stay over on the Sunday night so it should be a good day.

  4. AndyCat

    AndyCat Active Member

    I'll be there with Faireys, trying a couple, but I know the results after the concert isn't making us stay over, and I know a couple of other bands going straight back.

  5. midwalesman

    midwalesman Member

    A pint ??????

    Was that message addressed to me ? Or one of the many Riches on this forum. Anyway, I will buy a pint if I'm not too drunk after we get drawn no.1 again!!
  6. Active Member

    The 'World of Brass' trade stand will be there!
    We'll have a new solo CD from Russell Gray, accompanied by Fodens Richardson Band.
    Further details of this release later.
  7. Sueee

    Sueee Member

    I'l be there as u know Jayne, can't believe we can't drink!! :evil: don't know which is worse, early draw or late draw :? oh well!

    Cya all there 8)

    Sue :wink:
  8. Aidan

    Aidan Active Member

    haha gutted :p :p
  9. SoloBaritone

    SoloBaritone Member

    It can be addressed to you if you buy me a pint Richard! It was for Richard from Frickley because he bought me a pint last year for my birthday, such a nice man!

    Never mind Sue, I'm sure it'll be a fun day anyway. I love the Masters, I've got some great memories.

  10. Darth_Tuba

    Darth_Tuba Active Member

    Late draw is miles better Sue... mainly because we'll know the night before what sector we're in and stay in bed! Last on would be ideal... get all the playing done with and get pissed on the bus! Best. What are you guys doing in the concert? Any ideas yet?

    Jayne... I'm disappointed Leyland aren't in your list of bands to listen to. You won't be getting birthday beer off me unless you have a listen ;)
  11. sudcornet

    sudcornet Member

    Jayne has to listen to us, (or at least pretend she did and then say how good she thought it was) or Lee would kick her a**e.
    p.s. I'll get you a pint Jayne......I can vaguely remember 20 myself...or it could have been 19 ....or 21.....I disremember now.
  12. Sueee

    Sueee Member

    v true had not thought of it like that!

  13. twigglet

    twigglet Member

    I might go along just for the fun of it, to get aled and listen to some bands (note the order of priority!)
  14. Darth_Tuba

    Darth_Tuba Active Member

    Just a note to say that my previous message where it said "get *beeped* on the bus" it was a reference to getting drunk and not something deviant. Mind you.... :twisted:
  15. Sueee

    Sueee Member

    mwahahahaha :shock: CHRIS! :roll: :wink:
  16. iggmeister

    iggmeister Member

    I think its a bit crap that the start of the contest is being delayed until 12:00 noon. It's fine for bands that can travel to Cambridge in a couple of hours but those bands that have further to travel are stuffed. Our journey is likely to take at least 6 hours. We had only booked rooms for the saturday night on the basis that the contest would finish early. With a later start time we wont get home until the early hours of Monday morning.

    I also saw that the lowest priced tickets for the general public is £14! With the greatest respect to the organisers, who is going to want to pay £14 to listen to a brass band contest. I know it includes the gala concert but not everybody will want to listen to that. I have a funny feeling that it may be a sparse audience. However, I sincerely hope that I am wrong.

    What do others think?

  17. satchmo shaz

    satchmo shaz Active Member

    blimey!! 14 quid is a tad expensive int it :shock:
  18. strongbow

    strongbow Member

    Posted: Thu May 15, 2003 1:08 pm Post subject:
    The following was posted by Iggmeister

    I think its a bit *beep* that the start of the contest is being delayed until 12:00 noon. It's fine for bands that can travel to Cambridge in a couple of hours but those bands that have further to travel are stuffed.


    We are travelling there and back on the day (4 hours each way) due to the start being 12 noon. This 'delayed' time has allowed non sponsored bands like us to reduce costs by not incurring extra charges for the coach on an overnight stay. I don't know why you call it a delayed start as we always knew that it was 12 noon kick off, this was sent with the original information from the contest controllers.

    On the subject of ticket prices, I can't speak for this year but in previous years the price of tickets haven't put the audience off buying tickets as it has been a sell out.
  19. Darth_Tuba

    Darth_Tuba Active Member

    I seem to remember hearing about the new start time last year. Big improvement for us because we can save on staying over the night before. Plus, it's bank holiday weekend anyway, so I'm not too fussed with a late arrival back home. Interesting how the ticket prices keep going up and up and yet the prize money stays more or less the same. Someone somewhere is cashing in... and it certainly isn't the bands!
  20. iggmeister

    iggmeister Member

    You are correct. I know that the organisers said taht it would be 12:00 noon from the outset. As organisers, Messrs Biggs & Franklin are certainly efficient.

    When I said delayed start, perhaps I should have referred to it as a new start time. However, I would point out that even sponsored bands have to pay towards band trips, you know. I certainly have to each and every time.

    It may well be a sell out but over the last couple of years I have been in and heard a few of the favourites last year and I wouldn't say that they had a capacity audiences- indeed far from it. As one of my band's organisers, I can say with certainty that the cost of this weekend generally puts a lot of our usual travelling supporters off. After all, each band can only get 10 concessionary rate tickets and even they are £7 each.


    PS My *Beep* was similar to 'carp'. Didn't know the mouthpiece was so sensitive!

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