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  1. baridis

    baridis Member

    Does anyone have a definitive list of the bands taking part this year?

    Cheers all!
  2. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    The announcement of last year's line-up was made in May, so it shouldn't be long.
  3. mikey.smithy

    mikey.smithy Member

    Phew - thats a good job then as its only 7 weeks to the contest......................
  4. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    6 weeks on Saturday....
    a list has gone out to all the competing bands, so the announcement should be any day now!
  5. Paddy Flower

    Paddy Flower Active Member

    If anyone from the competing bands wants to beat the organisers to it, we shan't object :biggrin:
  6. Adamskied

    Adamskied Member

    This is the lineup for the Masters.

    & Newham Band

    Band Buizingen

    Concord Brass




    (Coventry) Band


    NIASUWT Riverside

    Miners Welfare Band

    Pemberton Old Wigan JJB Band






    Tredegar Town Band

    GUS Band

    Wantage Silver

    Zone One Brass

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  7. Bob Sherunkle

    Bob Sherunkle Active Member


  8. garsop_2000

    garsop_2000 Member

    Wow how times have changed, my 1st time visiting the Masters when it was "The All England Masters" for English bands was 2001 and the following bands and results as below. Bands have changed names some have come others have gone & never returned shame really. Regarding those that have entered for 2011 i've never heard of the majority of them, 6 wks to go must get on to Wikipedia quick for my research ;)

    1. Brighouse & Rastrick
    2. Yorkshire Building Society
    3. Carlton Main Frickley Colliery
    4. Fodens Courtois
    5. Flowers
    6. DUT Yorkshire Imperial Rothwell
    7. Ever Ready
    8. The Ransome Band
    9. Williams Fairey
    10. Besses o’ th’ Barn
    11. Rothwell Temperance
    12. Bodmin Town
    13. Leyland
    14. First City Brass
    15. Sellers International
    16. Todmorden Old
    17. JAG Mount Charles Band
    18. Travelsphere Holidays
    19. Aveley & Newham
    20. SWT Woodfalls
    21. Rolls Royce (Coventry)

    I like that Bob [​IMG]
  9. Paddy Flower

    Paddy Flower Active Member

    Well, how can I resist...

    Tredegar - 6/5 fav Paddy's doesn't have enough nails for the colours on the mast!!
    Virtuosi GUS - 3/1
    Hepworth - 15/2
    Tongwynlais Temperance - 11/1
    Pemberton Old Wigan DW - 16/1
    Fountain City - 22/1
    Redbridge Brass - 22/1
    Zone One Brass - 25/1
    Marsden - 40/1
    Sovereign Brass - 50/1
    Newstead Brass - 50/1
    Thoresby Colliery - 50/1
    Staffordshire - 66/1
    Aveley & Newham - 100/1
    Jaguar Land Rover - 100/1
    Friary Guildford Brass - 100/1
    Buizingen - 150/1
    NASUWT Riverside - 150/1
    Wantage Silver - 200/1
    Concord Brass - 250/1
  10. I believe they are very good odds for Hepworth, be very surprised if they don't come top 2!!
  11. tsawyer

    tsawyer Member

  12. steve sizeland

    steve sizeland New Member

    Wantage at 200/1?? Check your results list and you will see that Wantage have beaten both Aveley and Friary (100/1) this year and have been 3rd in both the last 2 areas. Don't you like us??!!
  13. Paddy Flower

    Paddy Flower Active Member

    Another satisfied customer :rolleyes:

    Seriously thou whilst you have achieved two decent results at your Area this is a major and it's about more that just the L&SC runners, there are some class acts here.

    I can't ignore the more mediocre results between those two 3rds, 12th at the Senior Trophy last year for one...

    Go on, prove me wrong and if you have a few virtual squids at 200/1 you'll be smiling.

    Why not join Paddy's Fantasy Brass Band League where you can virtual flutter til your heart's content, you could play a major role in knocking down that price ahead of the big day.

    Best of luck to all at Wantage (and no, it's not that I dont like you) :biggrin:
  14. Bayerd

    Bayerd Active Member

    Don't complain, Paddy's offering value there....
  15. Anomorph

    Anomorph New Member

    Would you have realistically achieved that result at a stronger area either Yorkshire, North West or Wales? 200/1 is good odds, take them while you can!!
  16. GinGinnie

    GinGinnie New Member

    You can only play the opposition that you have! So that is a non argument I'm afraid.
    But I guess the proof of the pudding.......!
  17. jezza23361

    jezza23361 Member

    We at Redbridge are hard at work on Titan for the Shield - any thoughts on Gemini yet?

  18. MoominDave

    MoominDave Well-Known Member

    You know, Steve, I did ask Phil Bailey in all seriousness if he was our Paddy. Ironic, no?

    Best of luck in Kettering and Blackpool.
  19. Kjata

    Kjata Member

    Boring repetitive bits, rock hard solos but with a few enjoyable moments! Hope rehearsals for the Shield are going well Jeremy.
  20. Statto

    Statto Member

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