Masterclass With Gerard Presencer

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  1. Now is your chance to get to hear one of the world's great trumpet players in a fantastic masterclass experience.

    World renowned trumpet/flugel soloist Gerard Presencer is holding a Masterclass in York prior to his concert at the Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall, York University on Saturday 24th October (7.30pm).

    The venue is Hibay Theatre (Shepherd Group Headquarters) Huntington Road, York.

    Not to be missed

    This is a not to be missed Masterclass for any serious trumpet player or just a lover of fine trumpet playing.

    Gerard is head of Jazz studies at the Royal Academy of music (London)and Berlin Academy and is classed as one of the leading trumpet/flugel players in the world.

    'This is a not to be missed Masterclass for any serious trumpet player or just a lover of fine trumpet playing'

    ~ Geneva Instruments


    This is a fantastic opportunity for Jazz in York and the surrounding area, the promotion team are confident of this Masterclass and Concert will be the first of many performances to come from the fusion of brass and jazz in York

    Masterclass Timings:

    10.00 - 10.30: Meet and Coffee
    10.00 - 11.15: Masterclass With Gerard
    11.15 - 12.00: Siobhan Lamb Talks about her new work (to be played at the concert)
    12.00 - 12.30: Tim Oldroyd talks about the Geneva Company and Trumpet making
    12.30 - 13.15: Light Lunch and a "Look and Blow" at the Geneva range of instruments
    13.15 - 14.00: Questions and Answers with Gerard


    Cost for the above Masterclass is £10.00 this includes a "light" lunch, tea,coffee and refreshments.

    Numbers are limited, so please book your place with Angela Peacock on: 01904 704 615

    Don't miss out!
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