Master Brass (Volume 13) now available

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    Just arrived is Master Brass (Volume 13) or, if you prefer, Highlights of the 2002 All England Masters Championships.
    Featuring Rochdale Youth Band, Tomra Brass Band, Sonar Brass and the winning performance of Atlantic by Philip Wilby played by Fodens Band.

    Available now on our website by clicking on;
    or from our Mail Order department (020 7367 6580).
  2. Darth_Tuba

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    Is it usually quite a long wait for the Masters highlights CD then? Just asking, because I think we'll be keen to get our hands on some copies when they are done!
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    Masters highlights

    Seems that way. Master Brass is actually released on the Polyphonic label which is owned by Studio Music. We'll be stocking Volume 14 (2003 highlights) as soon as it is released but if the track record of 2002 highlights is anything to go by, it could be the best part of 12 months before it is out.
  4. PeterBale

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    When I was talking to some of the Studio Music people at a trade stand the other year, they were saying that some of the problems in the past have been caused by difficulties in selecting what could be put out on cd, particularly when it turned out that some bands in the past had played unauthorised arrangements - I think this was especially the case with a couple of youth bands that had been featured.

    It may be less of a problem this year, with the change in format as well.
  5. Darth_Tuba

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    Saw an advert for this year's Masters CD in the Bandsman yesterday, so obviously this years has been done much quicker!
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    We have a Standing Order for Master Brass and these turned up unexpectedly yesterday!
    We haven't even got it on our system yet but Mail Order will take your order if you quote reference number 21222.
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    When's the next World of Brass catalogue coming out? I'm not sure if I like the OTT glossy version, much preferred the old Egon version. It must have been cheaper to produce and you could issue updates more often.
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    The Autumn 2003 World of Brass catalogue will be available in the 2nd week of October.
    I am sorry if you don't like the glossy version, you must be the first person who has made a negative comment about it!
    One of the reasons we print it as we do is that people tend to use it as a reference and keep it until the new one comes along.
    We don't feel the need to issue updates as often as Egon did as the internet is now available to do that.
    Also, our advertising in the brass band press and presence at brass band events is far more visible than in the Egon days.

    See you at the Open?
  9. Bariman

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    Certainly, with a credit card burning a hole in my pocket!
  10. deave

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    It's definately already out, young richie's mam from sellers spotted it somewhere and bought it!!

    There's some decent stuff on it, but some slightly ropey bits!! :S I'm admitting nothing, but I do remember a horn and a cornet player slightly overstepping the one pint rule?! No idea which ones tho!!

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