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  1. jameschalkywhite

    jameschalkywhite New Member

    HELP! So basically I play everything in the band (to a degree) and have been playing 1st trom for a while now. Had a back problem for a few years and it has finally packed up at the tender old age of 19! I have ben told not to play trombone because it will do more damage stressing my back (and bl***y hurts!). I cannot lift anything heavy and was told that I should only play Sop, Cornet or Horn at a push. What do I do? I help teach the training band and play a lot of Cornet and a little Sop and Horn too. The band have 4 solo, 2 rep, 2 2nd and 1 3rd Cornets, no Sop, and a solo and 1st Horn. Our conductor is happy for me to go wherever I want to sit (aslong as it's in his bandroom :) ) and we have agreed that Sop would be best. I played Horn for 1 year and played up through 2nd, sat as 1st and played solo when our solo wasn't there. I then moved to principal Euph for 2 1/2 years until we got a very talented Euph player to join. Then BBb Bass for 6 months as we didnt have one. Up to principal EEb Bass for 1 year till we got another. Then solo Cornet (and Sop when we couldn't get a guest) for a year, Before our 1st Trom left and I've been there since. I also play percussion for other bands when needed. When able to get a guest 1st Trom, I play Bass trom or wherever else needs filling (over the last fete season I played Cornet, Flugel, Horn, Euph, Bass and Trom!). I also play Trumpet at college and out and about when needed (and payed :D ). I am getting on ok with the sop this time round, but am not keen on the band Sop I am using (yamaha YCR6610T) and my Cornet is a Besson & co Class A Prototype that was made in 1928, and although it is very nice, I would like an upgrade. To throw a final spanner in the works, I can't work at the moment to get the money to buy new kit as stockroom work is less than ideal.

    So as I started off by saying... HELP! What do people advise I do?

    Many thanks in advance :)

  2. ChrisHatch

    ChrisHatch Member

    Sorry, what's the actual question?
  3. jameschalkywhite

    jameschalkywhite New Member

    What do people suggest I do? :)
  4. John Brooks

    John Brooks Well-Known Member

    Don't mess around with your back! Get professional help from a doctor, physiotherapist and / or chiropractor and ignore just about everything (and everyone) else.

    Just read your second post below and it appears you've already decided to "fall in love with a Getzen"! So I guess the question from ChrisHatch stands!
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  5. jameschalkywhite

    jameschalkywhite New Member

    I have been to and from the GP countless times, CT scanned and X-rayed, seeing a Physio and in A&E. I was told not to see a Chiropractor due to the condition of my back as there is a 75-80% chance I wouldn't walk again. And yes I do really like that Getzen, but if someone has any advise for me, I would be very greatful.
  6. Ianroberts

    Ianroberts Well-Known Member

    Have you thought about Rugby ?

  7. Rapier

    Rapier Supporting Member

    Who'd want to live there?

    As for the original question, as you can not afford to guy your own, you'll just have to play what the band has. simples.
  8. Tubawolves

    Tubawolves Member

    First things first - you shouldn't be messing about with a back problem that sounds as painful as yours. Take this advice from someone who had a serious operation in 2002 to correct a back problem that had cut off my entire 7th level nerve channel resulting in the loss of feeling and use of my left leg. It needs thorough investigation and expert diagnosis. It also sounds strange to me you have the problem only when playing certain instruments - this may be your posture. Having gone through 3 month intensive physio the biggest single cause of back problems is how you sit, this is not just when playing but all the time. My advice is get expert help including a second opinion and enlist the help of an expert physiotherapist - they will train you how to sit, walk and will also provide the best advice as to your playing. It sounds to me as though you may be second guessing your problem and storing up problems for the future. The actual advice on what you play will fall into place once you have sorted out the real problem. Your spine is not to be messed with, best to get it sorted.
    Very best wishes to you for a full recovery and years of happy banding
  9. jameschalkywhite

    jameschalkywhite New Member

    Thank you for your best wishes. The advise about only playing Cornet or Horn at the most was from the consultants I saw during my recent visit to A&E. Playing trombone is agonising past 3rd position and trying to lift a Bass or Euph onto my lap is nearly impossible. I came away from my 2 days in hospital with 5 different partial diagnosies from 5 different consultants. The advise specifically saying Cornet or Horn was from the consultant who was an ex-banded. The other consultants gave the same response once I explained weight and size of all brass band instruments. I have been involved with banding since I was 2 and playing for nearly 10 years, and as sad as it sounds, banding is giving me strength at the moment and is one of the only things I can look forward to in the short term. The advise I was seaking was ment to be based purely on the brief playing outline I gave above and what people would advise I play at the moment. As it is, I am sitting on Sop at the moment to see how that goes. Many thanks for all your replies.
  10. Cornet Nev.

    Cornet Nev. Member

    Take the advice regarding the specialist medical people first, band may be life, but if this back problem isn't sorted then you may eventually find there is little left to life, band or otherwise.
    Providing that the back problem is repairable and may even take many months, what exactly is the problem in staying away from any sort of lifting, even a sop cornet, for a short time when at your age the rest of your life should be in front of you, and for many more years if your back is sorted out.
    If you still insist on risking that, and I do mean the rest of your life if lifting and back pain now does irreparable damage, you won't be able to play anything ever again.
    Think about it. You can still go and listen, better that now than be totally paralysed and unable to do anything should the real worst happens.
  11. jameschalkywhite

    jameschalkywhite New Member

    Well I am seeing the osteopath tomorrow and band is tomorrow night, so I will have a chat with him and see what he advises.
  12. Tubawolves

    Tubawolves Member

    I know its a lot of money especially if I read right from your thread you are not in work but pay the £100.00 to see a private specialist. The rest will follow and you will have a proper diagnosis. The spine is not to be messed with and I have friends who have had serious pain hardly able to move sorted out by a correct prognosis. There two levels of health care in the UK trust me on this.
    Go get a private opinion - you may be both surprised and relieved. If it is something serious then at least you will get the right treatment. My consultant (private) took one look at my back (didn't even touch me) and got serious straight away. I was under the knife in 6 weeks and it would have been two had it not been for Christmas. These consultants are paid to get it right and more importantly concentrate on getting you right.
    Your whole future, not just banding may depend on it
    Again very best wishes to you
  13. tpcornet12

    tpcornet12 Member

    I'd say get your back sorted and then go back to banding when you feel up to it. Your band sounds like they would allow you the time and give you a seat when you're ready. I would understand your concern if you were trying to keep a seat but that doesn't sound like an issue. You're not old and lots of people have a break and it does the no harm in the long run. You obviously love your banding so why not be a loyal suppoter for a while?
  14. jameschalkywhite

    jameschalkywhite New Member

    Quick update: osteopath sent me straight to A&E, orthopeadics said they would do an MRI and be waiting for me when I got there. 6 hours later, I left after the consultant had promised 3 times her would be there in 15 minutes. No MRI but they ruled out infection and believe it is a prolapsed disk (not that the consultant came to confirm it). Went to band on Sop tonight and loved every minute of it (apart from Cornet Carillon and the top D at the end of Passtime With Good Company :/ ). So I am going back as an outpatient for my back and it looks like I am on Sop (our conductor even praised me, I was shocked!)
    Thank you all for your comments, I will post updates.

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