Massed Trombone Blow in West Yorkshire (23/05/10)

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    Yorkshire-based trombone choir Bones North @ Clifton meet again in a few time and all trombonists are welcome to come for a blow! This will be directed by Frank Mathison-ex Bass Trombone legend from the LSO.

    Sunday 23rd May 2010, 2.30pm
    Clifton and Lightcliffe Bandroom, Bailiff Bridge, near Brighouse, West Yorks, UK

    I look forward to receiving your enquiries and all are welcome to come along to our rehearsal/blow. Tenor trombonists are especially wanted. Ideally you should read both tenor and bass clef. Do drop me an pm or email and I'll send directions and answer any other queries.

    Best wishes and thank you for your interest,

    Steve Ford (trombo) or phone on 01422 369847
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    Massed Trombone Blow(23/0510)

    All trombonists welcome at this event.

    pm me for full details or email me ( or phone on 01422369847.
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    Massed trombone blow ------Bones North (Sunday 23/05/10)

    We still require additional trombone players for our massed blow next Sunday afternoon. Idealy tenor trombone players and bass trombone players required, should be able to read bass clef (tenor trombonist's should also be able to read tenor clef).

    PM me or e-mail me ( or phone on 01422 369847 for further details.

    Varied libary of music will be played on this date under the direction of Frank Mathison ex LSO Principal Bass Trombone During the Denis Wick era).

    Thank you for your interest and I look forward to your enquiries.

    Co-ordinator Bones North/Bass Trombone (Yorkshire Wind Orchestra)

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