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  1. blue_smarties

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    Does anyone know of any recordings of the tenor horn solo 'Masquerade' by Philip Sparke? Also, how long the piece is with accompaniment?
    Cheers :)
  2. Aidan

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    pannel did it for bbc young musician.. so he might have a recording of it.
    i think its about 7 or 8 minutes, depends what speed you can lip slur ;)
  3. HBB

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    GOrdon Higginbottom has done it! It was on Cassette when I got it though .... (i wish i could play like that!)
  4. PeterBale

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    "Masquerade" is on the recording "Gordon Higginbottom & Friends", listed as being available (on cassette only) at
  5. blue_smarties

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  6. grandfilth

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    I did play it for the bbc and if you wish to hear it you're wellcome but i'm not sure its something to aspire to!!!