Mask - Brett Baker (Trombone)

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    Brett Baker has just released his latest CD.

    Called Mask, it features four major works for trombone by modern English composers.
    Brett is accompanied by The Band of the Light Division and here is the track list;

    1. Trombone Concerto (Ivor Hodgson)

    2. Sonata for Trombone and Wind Band (Derek Bourgeois)

    3. "Mask" Concerto for Trombone and Wind Band (Marc Owen)

    4. Trombone Concerto (Gordon Jacob)

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    I was going to post details of this one, as I didn't know whether it would appear here due to the wind accompaniment!

    Brett's playing is well up to his usual standard, and the programme is very worthwhile, making a useful companion piece to Monument - Marc Owen has one item on each disc. The accompaniment is never less than competent, although I did feel the sound wasn't as clear as it could have been.

    I would recommend this to anyone interested in Brett's playing, or trombone repertoire in general.

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