Marshfield Spiralling in Success

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    Members of Marshfield band are savouring the sweet taste of success this week after walking away with two prizes at the GBBA Contest in Coleford last Sunday. The band were awarded 1st place after playing the testpiece Dimensions by Peter Graham and were also awarded 2nd place in the March section, playing Death or Glory.

    This was the latest in a string of successful events for the band, who earlier in the month presented a war themed concert, which was well received by both the capacity audience and concert organisers alike: the latter having described Marshfield as being the best band they have had in 10 years.

    Since the recent appointment of Peter Cornford as musical director there has certainly been a leap forward in the level of focus and musicianship within the band. As they move into 2006 Marshfield will be looking to build upon their recent successes with plans being made for a concert to be held in early February.

    More details of this concert and other forthcoming events will be shortly be available on the band’s website: