Marsden Silver Riverhead Brewery Band 21st Annual March Contest

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    Saturday 17th June 2006
    The evening consists of 2 contests one at the Riverhead Brewery Tap and then moving onto our Bandroom. This years prize money is over £1600 .
    If anybody requires more information or an entry form please leave me a PM. ​
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    Hey sweetie!:p
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    Full details of the Marsden March Contest

    We still have some entries to fill if you are interested please contact me via this thread or Private message and I will get back to you straight away. Marsden Silver Prize Band
    & Riverhead Brewery
    Annual March & Hymn Tune Contest
    To Be Held From 5pm On Saturday 17th June 2005 At The Riverhead Brewery, Peel Street & Marsden Bandroom, Marsden Lane,.
    2 Contests, Over £1,600 Total Prize Money.
    1st Prize: £250 & Trophy
    2nd Prize £150 & Trophy
    3rd Prize £100 & Trophy
    Best Youth Band £50
    Best 3rd/4th Section £100
    Best Hymn Tune £50
    Best Deportment £50
    Best Solo Cornet £25
    Best Euphonium £25
    Best Bass Section £25
    All prizes except deportment are duplicated at each venue.
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    Fancy an evening in Marsden

    Just a quick reminder that this Saturday is our March contests. 13 bands have entered this year and the Weather forecast looks good. So come along and have a good night. If there are any bands still wishing to enter we can still accomodate a few more please contact me on 07747018406
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    Do you have any idea of the full draw as yet? It would be good to know which bands are playing when.
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    can't print the draw in case the adjudicators see it sorry.
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    Blimey. I forgot that all these old adjudicators are now going on courses to get computer literate. I wonder if they know how to use a phone as well!

    (I’m only joking - tongue in cheek).
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    Yes I'm sure our "old" adjudicator Glynn Williams would love you to tell him that!
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    Who's the other adjudicator and who's at which venue?
  10. It was a great night! :D Well done to all the bands that took part, I heard most of them... and all that I heard was good.. so well done guys!
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    Unfortunately I had to leave before the end because I was suffering badly from the dreaded hayfever.

    Anyone got the results please?
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    I can't remember the specifics cos I was very drunk but basically Pennine won nearly everything!
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    You drunk? You do surprise me!?! Sounds like a good evening though!
  14. I'll second Roy... I was drunk too and the only results I remember is Pennine picking up best Euph/Cornet/basses (I think!) And they came 1st at both contests (Again.. I think!)
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    anyone know about the youth bands?
  16. Think Boarshurst won the youth!
  17. Kath2

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    Full Results of the 2 Contests


    1st: Pennine Brass
    2nd: Dobcross Silver
    3rd: Old Silkstone
    Best 3rd/4th Section: Pemberton old jjb Wigan "B" band
    Best Youth Band: Boarshurst Youth
    Best Cornet: Pennine Brass
    Best Bass Section: Pennine Brass
    Best Euphonium: Pennine Brass
    Deportment: Dobcross Silver
    Best Trombone section on the street March: Old Silkstone


    1st: Pennine Brass
    2nd: Holme Silver
    3rd: Dobcross Silver
    Best3rd/4th Section: Uppermill
    Best Youth Band: Boarshurst Youth
    Best Trombone section: Pennine Brass
    Best Horn section: Pennine Brass

    I would lke to thank all the bands and spectators that made this years contest a great success and I sincerely hope that you all enjoyed yourselves and hope to see you all again next year.
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    I would like to say well done to Dean and the Boarshurst youth band.They played extremely well at both contests and did themselves proud. None the least my eight year old Holly, who had a great night and enjoyed every minute.

    Phil Ram....Proud dad!
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    Hymn Tune Result

    Sorry I missed this result. Yes you've guessed it The Hymn tune at both venues was won by ....Pennine Brass.