Marsden March and Hymn Tune Contest

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  1. Kath2

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    Saturday 16th June 2007

    Again this year this contest comprises of two contests. The first at the Riverhead Brewery tap and then onto Marsden band Room.

    This years prize money is in excess of £1500 This year we have the exciting prize of a new Cornet for the best solo cornet at the bandroom contest.

    Entries are filling up quickly so don't hesitate to contact me and I will send an entry form to you.
  2. BandGroupie

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    Marsden March Contest

    Do you have any more details such as start times?

    How many bands, I should think that the new cornet should be attracting a few bands?

    Well done on Saturday and good luck next weekend.
  3. Kath2

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    Marsden March Contest

    Yes we have quite a lot of interest this year.

    Further details will be posted once all entries are in and confirmed.

    If there are any other bands who require an entry form please PM me.

    Anybody who has requested one should have received it by now if not then let me know as soon as possible.


    Kath Coton
    Marsden Silver Ossett Brewery Band
  4. Kath2

    Kath2 Member

    A quick reminder that entries will close on Fri 8th June. As a number of bands have a well rehearsed March after Whit Friday why not enter and have the chance of winning part of our £1500 prize pot and maybe taking a brand new cornet home, The cornet prize will be awarded to the best Principal cornet at the band room contest.

    If you would like to enter please call Kath Coton on 07747 018406
  5. Kath2

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    The closing date for entries has now been extended to Wedsnesday 13th June. It is still not too late to enter, the contest will be pre-drawn on Weds evening and all bands will be notified of their drawer on the same night.

    If you are interested in entering please contact me.

  6. Kath2

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    I have great pleasure in announcing our adjudicators for the contest they are Mark Wilkinson and Glyn Williams.

    Entries are still being taken for the contest. If you would like more information or would like to enter either call me on 07747 018406 or pm me.

    Kath Coton

    Marsden Silver Ossett Brewery Band
  7. Kath2

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    Results from Marsden March Contest

    Bandroom Contest

    1st: Pennine Brass
    2nd: Diggle
    3rd: Taylor-Wood-Roe (charity band in aid of Yorkshire Air Ambulance)

    Best 3rd/4th Section: Uppermill
    Best Youth: Boarshurst Youth
    Best Hymn: Diggle

    Best Cornet: Pennine Brass (New Cornet presented by Hansons instruments)
    Best Bass Section: Pennine Brass
    Best Euphonium: Wardle Anderson
    Best Deportment: Wardle Anderson

    Riverhead Contest

    1st: Pennine Brass
    3rd: Diggle

    Best 3rd/4th Section: Uppermill
    Best Youth: Boarshurst Youth
    Best Hymn:pennine Brass

    Best Trombone section: Pennine Brass
    Best Soprano: Taylor-Wood-Roe

    Thank you to all the bands participating making this a very succesful and enjoyable evening.

    A date for your diary next years contest is on the 14th June.

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