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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by brass stick, May 14, 2006.

  1. brass stick

    brass stick Member

    Does anyone know who are the band featured in the Mars advert - my inlaws are doin' my ead in asking do i know them????
  2. drummergurl

    drummergurl Active Member

    i was wondering this too!
    just cba posting asking!

    hope someone knows!
  3. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    Yet you could 'ba' to reply. :rolleyes:
  4. postie

    postie Member

    Yeah I noticed a band when seeing that advert I was going to post and find out who it was.
  5. HorniKaz

    HorniKaz Supporting Member

    Well, all I can tell you is that it was mainly filmed in.....

    BOLTON!!!! :clap:

    The cafe scene at the beginning that lasts for a nano second, was filmed in an empty shop opposite where I work. We watched them filming the bit where they burst throught the doors with the 3 or 4 brass players. The scene with the escalators at the end is in the Market Place in Bolton. But thats all I know folks!!!!
  6. Di

    Di Active Member

    "Believe" it or not.

    Well, well, well, you can't escape this footy lark even if you try can you. I've just been to our local co-op and browsed along the sweetie counter. I see that our "Mars" bars are now "Believe - originally Mars".

    I dashed back on the computer to find out what its all about and low and behold -- its the blinkin' footy! :rolleyes:

    Apologies for being slow if that's what the TV advert was about, but I don't "do" TV much any more, so haven't seen the ad. :redface:
  7. the flugel

    the flugel Account Suspended

    the band in the advert is farnworth and walkden band. r band was asked 2 do it originally but we couldnt get a band coz of wrok commitments on the day of filming
  8. brass stick

    brass stick Member

    thanks for this - i can sleep now!!:clap:

  9. horn__blower

    horn__blower Member

    seeing this just reminded me. the other day, something big brother related was on telly at work (i didnt actually see it, just heard the end, so cant remember what it was) might have been sunday. anyhow, there was some kind of brass ensemble/band at the end. anyone any ideas? i dont know what they were playing or why they were there, but it wasnt the big brother theme tune that they played i dont think.,
  10. HorniKaz

    HorniKaz Supporting Member

    Believe it or not, it was indeed the BB theme tune!!!! :-?
  11. horn__blower

    horn__blower Member

    oops, oh dear! :oops:

    maybe cos i was at work and concentrating on other things i didnt recognise it! :-?
  12. Sopfonix

    Sopfonix Member

    My friend, who will be living a BB life until September, has reliably informed me that the Band playing the BB theme tune was Borehamwood Brass Band. (think thats how you spell their name)
  13. Jamie

    Jamie Member

    I hadn't seen the advert before this morning, and I assumed in brassed off stylee that a few of them might have been actors with a cornet stuck to their faces... obviously not!
  14. Dave 2nd2nd Cornet

    Dave 2nd2nd Cornet Active Member

    Only just spotted this. I can say for certain that it wasn't Farnworth & Walkden Band in the advert, we should have been doing it, but didn't:)

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