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    The Marlow Band based in South Bucks has had a marvellous 2004 and wishes to continue to build for the forthcoming year.

    Whilst you won't find any contesting here we have a range of prestigeous engagements already in place for 2005 which include appearances at Henley Royal Regatta and Bournemouth Pinewalk Bandstand.

    We also have the opportunity to work with members of one of the country's top bands and several projects are lined up.

    The band is currently looking for both a Soprano and Second Euphonium. If you are interested in joining a committed but non-contesting band contact me on 01494 533161 or pm here



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    Fancy A Free Weekend in Bournemouth?

    From Friday 12th - Sunday 14th August 2005 the Marlow Band will be appearing at the Pine walk Bandstand in Bournemouth.

    Sunday 14th performances will also form part of the Bournemouth veteran celebrations to mark the end of WW2 60 years ago and have a gauranteed audience of a couple of thousand.

    The band could do with 1 more solo cornet as we have a heavy playing and social schedule.

    There is also possibility of a soprano vacancy.

    the band would naturally pay th expenses of the weekend for you including Hotel and Coach travel.

    Anyone interested please pm me on here.


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    Soprano Player & Back Row Cornets wanted

    Marlow Band has a vacancy for a Soprano player and back row cornets to join a thriving band with some very prestigous engagements.

    If your fed up with the run of the mill jobs across the summer come along and join us at various events along the Thames playing to large audiences.

    Trip to Bournemouth also in August and an autumn concert with soloists from a well known top band.

    Please pm here if your interested


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    Many thanks to those who have responded so quickly

    The Solo Cornet position has now been filled.

    Sop still a possibility


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    EEb / BBb Bass Required

    Marlow Band is looking to recruit an EEb or BBbBass.

    Based in South Bucks Marlow Band is a vibrant exciting band to play with on your free Monday evenings.

    A number of good engagements including Royal Henley Regatta and a weekend in Bournemouth await.

    pm on here if your interested


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    Sop & Flugel vacancy

    Marlow band has a fast growing reputation in the South Bucks area as the band to be seen at if you fancy joining the banding we currently have vacancies for:-

    Soprano Cornet

    All other players welcomed

    Please pm on her in the first instance if you are interested


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    Soprano - South Bucks

    The Marlow Band is a thriving organisation that boasts a senior band of 32 and a newly formed junior section.

    The band has enjoyed real success and progress this past 2 years and now has a programme full of quality engagements.

    Whilst we do some community work the band does not carry out small numerous summer fete work but instead chooses to perform at three regattas along the Thames each year together with a sprinkling of major concerts through out the year.

    The band has a full line up and more but we are missing a regular Soprano Cornet player. Andrew Collier (Principal Cornet Maidenhead SA Band) does a marvellous job as a dep for us but working in Telford makes regular attendance a tad difficult.

    So if you fancy a job on Sop for us please PM here or call in confidence at 01494 533161.



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    Euph or Trombone

    Marlow band needs the services of either a trombone or Euphonium player to complete its line up.

    The band is on a real high at the minute after a very succesful year in 2005 so if your interested in joining a stress free enjoyable but hard working environment please give me a call on 01494 533161 or pm me on here for further information



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    Marlow Band - Euphonium vacancy

    The highly succesful non-contesting Marlow Band based on the Thames in the delightful town of Marlow has a vacancy for a comitted Euphonium player.

    If you are interested in joining a team that enjoys quality engagements but with a relaxed atmosphere give me a call on 01494 533161 or PM through here.

    Many Thanks

    Ian Young
    Musical Director
  10. IYOUNG

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    Euphonium Vacancy

    Marlow Band continues its progress and has grown to a band of 30+ but can you beleive we only have 1 Euphonium?

    If you would like to join this comitted but extremely friendly band based in South Buckinghamshire we would love to see you.

    Engagements are very much based on quality not quantity. The bands very succesful regatta season has now concluded and our next venture is a proms in the Park event on saturday 15th July 2006 followed by a weekend in Bournemouth playing for the 5th year in succession on the Pinewalk Bandstand. 19th & 20th August 2006.

    Please Pm on here is you would like some further details

    Ian Young
  11. IYOUNG

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    No Contests but plenty of fun

    The successful Marlow Band may not contest but instead has a quality engagement schedule that won't take up all your time just 8-10pm each Monday night and around 10-12 dates spread across the year.

    Our engagements lists for 2007 include:-

    3 x Self promoted concerts
    3 x Days at the Thames Regattas in Henley and Marlow
    1 x weekend in Bournemouth

    and a couple of other events to be scheduled as we go along

    So if you like your banding fairly low maintenance or if you play in a contesting band but want some additional high quality fun, give me a call on 01494 533161 and we would be delighted to see you.

    We would especially like to hear from:-

    BBb Bass


    Ian Young
    Musical Director
  12. IYOUNG

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    Solo Horn - Marlow Band

    The Marlow Band is seeking applications for the position of Solo Horn.

    The band is well known within the area for carrying out a limited number (about 12 per annum) of prestigeous engagements throughout the area and beyond.

    If you would like to join this progressive band and can attend regulat weekly Monday rehearsals we would like to hear from you.

    Please contact me through this site or cantact the band via its website


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    Marlow Band - Flugel Vacancy

    Due to Relocation the Marlow Band has a vacancy in September for a Flugel Horn.

    The band rehearses on a Monday evening 8-10pm in its own band room.

    If this position is of interest to you please pm on here or contact the band via its website

    many thanks

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    I think you mean:

    When the webmastership changed, they stopped using the other address - they were offered it :)

  15. IYOUNG

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    TheMarlow Band seeks applications for Principal Cornet and Solo Horn.

    The band as you can read from previous ad's is highly succesful and has a friendly atmosphere in the band hall. Concerts are high quality affairs and won't take up all your time.

    The band is looking for a committed Principal Cornet to lead are cornet line and a Solo Horn.

    If you are interested in either position please call or PM me on here to discuss the positions further.

    Look forward to hearing from you

    Ian Young
    Musical Director
  16. IYOUNG

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    Principal Cornet & Solo Horn Marlow Band

    Marlow Band still looking for committed players to lead the Cornet and Horn Lines.

    Lots of excellent engagements lined up for 2008 that won'tb take up all your time.

    PM on here if your interested

    Ian Young
    Musical Director
  17. IYOUNG

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    Marlow Band atill seeking that right person to lead the band and cornet line as Pricnicpal Cornet.

    2008 events shaping up nicely and whilst rehearsals are weekly the engagement list is quality not quantity.

    PM on here if you are interested.

    Ian Young
  18. IYOUNG

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    Committed Bass Trombone player required
    Rehearsals on a monday evening
    15-20 quality engagements each year

    pm if interested
  19. IYOUNG

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    Marlow Band is still looking for a committed Trombone to complete an otherwise full band of 30+ players.

    As you may guess by now we have an exciting engagement list that prefers quality to quantity you won't find any fete stuff here but if you prefer sell out concerts next one 7th december - two performances 1,000 each time - you be most welcome to join us.

    The band is run by a very forward thinking executive group , has a well stcocked library and plenty of opportunity for new music.

    Pm if interested or call the MD on 07903014061


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    As the new year starts we at Marlow Band are looking for a couple of new faces to join us and help us continue are musical progress.

    So any Tenor Trombones or EEb Basses fancy joining us you would be most welcome. We are non contesting so if you contest elsewhere that won't be a problem at all.

    Rehearsals Monday 8pm - 10pm in Central Marlow

    Ian Young 07903014061

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