Mark Speight Found Dead

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by LeDragon, Apr 13, 2008.

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  3. MattB

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    What a shame. Thanks Mark for all the times you made my kids laugh. Hope you're in a happy place now.

  4. 2nd man down

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    Blimey, I remember when this guy first started appearing on telly!! Wierd to be reading about him like this now.
    Pity to hear that drugs are/were somehow involved...I really can't see why people get involved with them. And not a nice way for his partner to go either!! Boiling herself in the bath?!?!? Good grief. No wonder he struggled to come to terms with it.

    Real shame.
  5. HBB

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    Very much implied by most papers. :(
  6. jasdrum

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    Sad Passing of Mark Speight


    Rest In Peace Mark
  7. Bass Man

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    Very sad, I used to enjoy watching him on childrens TV when I was younger
  8. sooze booze

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    So, so sad. A young life wasted and a drug dealer's bank ballance swelled. Why do people do drugs? Surely the bad outweighs the good. I would like to think that stories like this make people think twice about getting into drugs but, sadly, I doubt it. Both myself and my kids loved watching him in SMart, we will miss it.

    RIP Mark
  9. Masterblaster jnr

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    Shocked me when i found out.

    The shocking thing for me is it seems he was such a fun-loving person, and he would seem the least likely, even in these circumstances to do what he did.

    Comical, talented and generally nice person, RIP Mark

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