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  1. Blagger

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    Taken from 4br :

    The death of the conductor Mark Condron has been announced. He was 47.

    Mark Condron was a former player and conductor of the Kennedy Swinton Band and was an extremely motivated, talented and inspirational man who was loved and respected by many many people.

    He was also head of St Benedict’s High School in Whitehaven and former head of St Joseph’s in Workington. Mark had been ill for about two years

    Sad news
    RIP Mark

    Ex Swinton
  2. tubaloopy

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    Blimey, was only talking about him yesterday.

    RIP Mark.
  3. and

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    This is extremely sad news indeed. Mark was a very talented conductor and motivator who produced some wonderfull performances from the mighty Kennedy Swinton and Trafford bands. He was a huge inspiration to me and I am shocked that such a vibrant musician has passed away at such a young age. Sincere love and thoughts to all his good friends and family left behind whom Im sure will miss Mark dearly.
  4. Masterblaster jnr

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    Well i suppose it teaches us to live life to the full, because you never know what will happen tomorrow. but 47, such a young age
  5. Len

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    The "mighty Swinton" love it!!!!
    Trafford were pretty good under him too.
    Mark was a lovely man, forget the music. The best friend I ever had even though I only saw him every year or so.
    I'll miss him for the rest of my life.
  6. and

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    Len - Ill say something else, boy what a euph player you were, especially at Swinton. Ive never heard Euph playing like that in Festival Music, Shame you wont be on the circuit at the area this year, that if its the mighty Len Charnock speaking?
  7. Blagger

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    I reckon it is mate - I had the pleasure of sitting next to him for a year with the "mighty Swinton" in the late eighties - fantastic player
  8. Heather

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    Such sad news.
    I knew Mark through playing in Swinton Concert Brass (and the Band's previous name, Youth Town Brass) many years ago.
    A really fantastic man who was always smiling!
    He will be sorely missed by everyone who knew him.
    Condolences to his wife Liz and his mum , dad and John, Anne and Liz.
    Also to Dearham Band who will be missing him dearly.
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    I met Mark in Chicago when Dearham band went over for the US open. He was truly a gifted man and will be a great loss to the banding movement.

    I never had the privilege of playing in the same band or under his baton, but have a very fond memory of Mark conducting Dearham in the contest when they played "another fine mess" He started dancing in the middle of the piece with John McLaughlin and Gaz Coombes, the soloist.

    RIP Mark
  10. Unregistered

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    Len Charnock

    Thanks guys,
    you make me want to make a comeback LOL, (or is that yet another comeback?)