Mark Bentham Steps Down At Hepworth

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    After a long and successful period with the Hepworth Band, Mark Bentham has decided to step down from his position as Musical Director. Over the last 7 years the band has become established in the top flight of brass banding.

    In stepping down from the band Mark said “ I would like to thank the players for all their hard work and fine playing during my 7 year tenure. It has been an exciting and musically rewarding time. The players have helped me raise the profile of the band and place it in its current position amongst the top bands in the country. I’m sure the band will benefit from a fresh approach and new impetuous, and I wish it every success in the future.”

    Under Mark’s direction the band has had many successes including:
    Being crowned champions at the Famous Saddleworth & District Whit Friday contests in 2004, Scottish Open champions in 2004,
    Grand Shield Champions in 2005
    Runners up at the Yorkshire Area in 2007
    Runners up at the English Nationals in 2007.

    The committee and players of the Hepworth Cookson Homes Band would like to thank Mark for his direction and drive which has helped the band to achieve the above mentioned successes. We wish Mark all the very best in the future, in whatever direction he takes.

    The band is delighted to announce that Ian Porthouse has agreed to take the band to the English Nationals and the British Open.

    The Committee
    Hepworth Cookson Homes Band

    (Posted by request from Hepworth Cookson Homes Band)
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    Best of luck in what ever you choose to do next Mark....and Hepworth,not a bad stand in conductor best of luck to you too..

  3. Such a shame. They have developed into a quality outfit under his guidance. Good luck for the future to Mark and Hepworth Band. :clap:
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    Mark led my band, Barton Town to victory in both the fourth and third section Northern Area contests in 2006 and 2007 and he was absolutely fabulous to work with! My best wishes go to him and to the players of Hepworth Band, here's hoping for success and happiness in all they do.:clap:
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    It'll be interesting to see where he goes now. Either he goes to a top band (e.g Grimey, dyke, cory standard), a mid top section (e.g Pennine Brass, marsden standard) or a bottom/top 1st section band (e.g Silkstone, stocksbridge skelmanthorpe standard). I'm sure there are a lot of bands who would give a couple of limbs to have a conductor like Mark.

    or he could just do something completetly different and conduct a non-contesting band in Papua New guinea.
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    why venezuala?! Why not Honalulu?!

    Good Luck to Hepworth in finding someone else and to Mark, its a shame really hes done really well with Hepworth
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    I am also a member of Barton Town Band who Mark led to success in consecutive area contests.
    Whichever band Mark ends up with will get a musical director of the highest calibre with a work rate and ethic that as far as i am concerned is second to none.
    Best of luck Mark & to all the Hepworth Band

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    I have had the pleasure of playing at Hepworth on a number of occasions, and each time it was a pleasure to work with such a nice guy and a top quality musician too! Sorry to hear that Mark and Hepworth have parted company, but I wish him all the best in his next move.
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    So what you're saying is that he may join some band of some standard some time in the future or on the other hand he may not :confused: . Think you've covered all your bets there mate
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    Always better to be safe than sorry ;)
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