Marion City Band Launches E-Newsletter!

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    As part of a new initiative to inform the public of the band’s activities, the Marion City Band (based in Adelaide, South Australia) has created an E-newsletter which will be sent out on a regular basis to friends and supporters of the band. The newsletter will feature articles on recent engagements and competitions, upcoming events, social events and recruitment for all four ensembles: Marion City Band, Warriparinga Brass, Warriparinga Youth and the Learners’ Class.

    Signing up to the newsletter is a simple matter of clicking the following hyperlink: The only information required to sign up is your e-mail address. Please consider filling out the other fields too though, as we would love to know a little more about you all! Once you confirm your e-mail address, you’ll be all set to receive the E-newsletter. At this stage, the newsletter will be sent out to subscribers on a monthly basis, with our first newsletter being released on the 24[SUP]th[/SUP] of September. Any enquiries, feedback or technical issues can be directed to

    Also, you can now also find the band on Twitter! Be sure to shoot us a message so we can follow you too!
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    E-newsletter now available

    The newsletter is now available at the following link: .

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