Marching with a Wagner tuba

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  1. Could someone offer advice on what would be the best lyre and strap for a left-handed Wagner tuba please? I have tried a euphonium strap and have a removable holder for a lyre but the instrument was unstable when I was playing and the music wobbled too much for me to be able to read it. I am very new to brass but experienced on woodwind and was amazed at how difficult it was. I sounded dreadful!

    Your advice would be much appreciated.
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    most lyres move when Marching. I used to put my thumb in the gap between instument and lyre to keep it still. meant I could only use 3 valves but on a march it wouldn't be that noticable. These days I prefer to march with a Sousaphone if I can get away with it , much easier to handle. As for sound on a march. the more you do the better it gets, like all playing it takes practice to get right.
  3. I use a harness as it distributes the weight better and is less strain on my shoulders and back. It came with options for left or right hand fixing, (purchased from Trevada music) I don't bother with a lyre its easier just to hold the music.