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Discussion in ' User Reviews' started by John Brooks, Mar 28, 2007.

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    I recently acquired a copy of this LP on E-Bay. The record is in good shape and dates from 1966. This was a good band, with Derek Smith on solo cornet, Kenny Davis on Soprano, Al Stickland on Trombone and Robert McNally on Euphonium, conducted by then Captain Vernon Post.

    It features several quality marches (Long Beach - Emil Soderstrom; Faithful Service (published as Ceaseless Service and recently featured by the NYSB in Toronto) - Stanley Ditmer; Do Your Best - Erik Leidzen; and I'll Stand for Christ - Lloyd Scott. It also includes a quite different interpretation of The Call of the Righteous and also American Rhapsody by Emil Soderstrom. The Male Chorus features Vernon Post's terrific arrangement of Joshua.

    I've tried to convert it to CD but the record production was poor and the resulting compressed sound is disappointing to say the least. The resulting CD is even distorted in places, particularly euph and bari, a problem I've not encountered before. I'm not sure if this was initially released on the Triumphonic label and re-released by Word - my copy is on the Word label.

    Can anyone offer any suggestions or comments?
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    Hi John - I trust you are well.

    Yes, it was issued both under the Herald label (my ref: SA283A-LP) and also Word (my ref: SA283B-LP). I have sold the Word LP but the Herald is still in stock if you are interested.

    Here is the link: -

    Keith Quinn
  3. John Brooks

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    Thanks Keith. I've since discovered that there is a different problem. I'm not sure if it's my computer or my amplifier but when I convert cassettes it's fine but when I go direct from LP that's when it becomes compressed. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what the problem is; it hasn't happened before so I suspected the LP; unfortunately that's not the problem.

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