Marches Associated with specific bands.

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    Hi All.

    A recent discussion with a mate of mine set me thinking about this.

    Several bands play the same road march and contest march throughout the march-contest season - which makes sense - and it seems to be the current fashion to play the same ones year on year.

    I don't particularly object to this as an idea, in fact a lot of audiences seem to like it. For example, if you see B+R waiting to walk down at whit friday, you know you'll hear Royal Trophy and Ravenswood. (and both played very well too!) Likewise if it's Black Dyke, you'll hear Knight Templar on the stand and (I think) Queensbury on the road. And this set us to thinking.

    How long has the tradition been established? How did the association between band and march come about and was there any particular reason?

    I know some bands have marches written for them - which I'd suspect was the story with Queensbury and Black Dyke. Indeed I wrote a road march for my last band which they still play and enjoy. I have heard tell of a contest march written for Besses back in the day that aparently nobody else has got - though the name escapes me.

    Just curious as to how some of our best-known teams of band and march came about.
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    There are two - Around the World (which is now published by Jagrins) and Pelorus Jack....they were both written by Alexander Owen....Around the World for the 1st World Tour in 1906/7 and Pelorus Jack written whilst on the 2nd World Tour (on a ship off the coast of New Zealand I believe) between 1909/11.

    In terms of march card size things, the Band's "signature march" is the somewhat inferior (IMO) "Whitefield"....which is the town into which the village of Besses o' th' Barn was absorbed.

    There's also a cornet duet entitled "Besses o' th' Barn"....and I've a suspicion there may also be a march of the same name....but I've not had enough coffee to remember :hammer
  3. iancwilx

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    Sam B. Wood wrote the following "Signature Marches" that I know of :-

    "West Riding" for B&R

    "Yorkshire Imperial" for Imps

    "Young Tykes" for Bradford Victoria Band (now defunct but has historical links with the present Drighlington Band)

    - Mr Wilx
  4. Independent Silver Band

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    The Independent Silver Band plays a march entitled "The Karco March" written by the band leader, J.W. Chadwick around 1905. It was written for the Karco Kilties, which was a band sponsored by the Mt. Vernon Car manufacturing Company, Mt. Vernon Illinois
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    I don't think it's quite so rigid. I may be wrong but I seem to remember Brighous turning out on Whit Friday with 'Senator' for many years.
  6. fartycat

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    We've just "found" ours - a very dusty manuscript from the late great Courtney Bosanko who was our MD as well as the bandmaster for Boscombe Salvation Army in the 60's.

    The march is entitled the "Knights of Wessex" and is a concert march dedicated to our victory at the West of England Regionals in 1963. We think however that it was first written for the Wessex Band Course and later dedicated to Woodfalls.

    I've just spent a few hours putting it into Sibelius - it sounds grand! Can't wait till we play it out.
  7. Thirteen Ball

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    Excellent! Good on you! :clap: If you ever record it (or are up huddersfield way on a gig) I'd love to hear it.

    i remember spending ages sibeliussing up an old hand-written hymn score for "Wolvercote" JR had found in the library and it's absolutely fabulous when played. Still one of my favourite hymns. It's brilliant when a little bit of a band's history gets a new lease of life. It's only when we as musicians actually take the stuff on again and play it that it starts to live again.

    (ps: Is that the same Bosanko of "Share my Yoke" fame or indeed a relative thereof?)

    As is probably obvious from this thread, one of my real passions in music is marches - specifically brass band marches - and I do find it a little dissapointing sometimes to hear the same few road/contest marches every year at the whits. I think it's great when a band runs out something from their heritage that possibly no-one else has.... or even just one that just doesn't get played much any more.

    So, Wilky, Keith. Obviously West Ridings gets it's fair share of outings (I've even got that on my ipod I think...) How about the others that you've mentioned? Are there any recordings/recent outings?
  8. KMJ Recordings

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    Besses used to play Around the World a lot, but Pelorus Jack a little less....

    The former was recorded by Chandos for what was (originally) titled "Alexander Owen 60th Anniversary" in 1980. That recording eventually became part of a compilation CD called "Around the World with The Besses" which is available for download here.

    The Band also played it on a couple of occasions at Whit Friday I think, although the last 'major' contest success they had with it was at Brass in concert in 2000 where they won the best march prize. They also played it there inn 1984.

    Pelorus Jack is a little more elusive in terms of a recording. It was recorded on a (mono) LP in the late 60s entitled "Well Done Lads"....and it was also on the (cassette only) Doyen release of the 50th Anniversary Concert of Besses Boys Band (where 'the Senior Band' were guests).

    Both marches have, at one time or another, featured on LttB - as has Whitefield....which we played for a time under Sandy Blair in around 1988. Ish.

    Or something.

    My memory's failing....
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  9. iancwilx

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    To my knowledge there is no recording of "Young Tykes".
    It was on manuscript when I last played it when depping for Bradford Vic in the early 1960s.
    I remember it as being a good march.
    Colin Hardy might know what happened to it.

    "Yorkshire Imperial" march is an absolute cracker.
    The tune at the trio is taken from the Hunslet Rugby League Club anthem "We've swept the Seas before boys, and so we shall again"
    The bass part was excellent as well.

    Imps were based only a mile from the Hunslet area of Leeds.
    I've played it many times.
    It also was in manuscript form though it was a toss up whether the parts contained more sellotatpe than paper !
    It was really excellent for kicking off a concert.

    It was recorded on vinyl by Imps, but without going in the loft to check my copies, I can't remember whether it was on the LP "Yorkshire Brass" (1967) or "Imperial Brass" (1970) both Conducted by Trevor Walmsley.

    - Mr Wilx (My head hurts !)
  10. Brian Bowen

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    No, Ivor Bosanko arranged Share my Yoke. I think Courtney was Ivor's uncle.
  11. Thirteen Ball

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    Thanks for the info Wilky. I'm pretty good mates with a couple of folk at Drig who know Colin, so I'll get in touch. Hope it's still around somewhere. Just like I hope Imps have still got a full set on the side for the "Yorkshire Imperial" March you mentioned too. It'd be tragic if either have been lost for good.

    I hope folk keep digging around in their libraries and finding things like these and conserving them - and more importantly playing them! We all need to help keep our banding heritage alive.
  12. iancwilx

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    I've just had a root aound in the loft and found the LP.
    "Yorkshire Imperial" march was on Sounds of Brass Vol.6 "The Band of Yorkshire Imperial Metals" (1973)
    It's the album cover with all the band soloists pictures on the front. (Graham Walker, Ian Craddock, Roy Roe etc.)

    Re "Young Tykes" - I know that Drig inherited the whole Bradford Vic library so it's probably languishing in a brown envelope at the back of a cupboard in their bandroom.

    I agree with you 100% that the preservation of our original musical heritage is of paramount importance.

    - Ian W.
  13. steve butler

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    When I had a few blows with Imps in 2008 they were still playing 'Yorkshire Imperial' on their concert programmes.
  14. PeterBale

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    Many Salvation Army marches have been written for specific bands, and have frequently retained that connection over the years.

    "Hadleigh Camp" was not actually written for the corps, but for the music school held at Hadleigh in the 1950's. (There is also a "Hadleigh Castle" and a "Hadleigh Reunion", written by R S-A for the 50th anniversary get together).

    We also now have Martin Cordner's "Temple Vision", written for the opening of our new hall. It has since been published under the title "Temple Visions" (possibly to distinguish it from another SA publication with the same name). It's a good march, but not one for playing on the streets, whereas "Hadleigh Camp" is most effect, providing your cornets are on form!

    Possibly the best known association of an SA band with a march not specifically written for them would be "Red Shield" which Enfield Citadel traditionally close their programmes with.
  15. Aidan

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    Hehe that was a shocking march. On the back of those cards there was a slightly better one called 'Black Dike' which I used to play parts of instead as the harmonies were almost identical :p (shh!)
    I'm pretty sure I have seen one called 'Besses O'th Barn' aswell.

    'Keighley Moor' is/was YBS' signature march, recorded on Festive Impressions CD.

    Wasn't 'Beaufighters' Fairey's signature march at some point?
  16. Ali

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    Your right Adian. Beaufighters was indeed Faireys march. Just like (until very recently) the wizard and royal tiger were leylands. Its only in the last few years ago that the wizard has been used by other bands. For those in the know, Tom Davorans visions of kolkhis quoted royal tiger towards the end of the piece. Another referance to leylands heritage.
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  17. Dago

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    Correct - but its a long time ago. They also did Honest Toil in DB's time as conductor.

    Black Dyke used to march down to Punchinello
  18. GJG

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    I remember depping with GUS some years ago and playing a rather fine march from m/s which was titled "Emaneff" (not sure of the exact spelling, but obviously intended to be a phonetic version of M&F - Munn and Feltons). I don't believe it's published (but could be wrong) and I think it was written for the band by T. J. Powell, although, again I'm not 100% sure of my facts.

    hopefully Mike Smith or someone else from GUS will be along shortly to correct my poor memory ...
  19. Al

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    This thread is getting me geared up for Whit Friday (as a spectator) . OK I know it is nearly half a year away but the event is such a must.

    This year I need to work out a way to be in 4 or 5 places at the same time!
  20. tubaloopy

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    Beaufighters is still Fairey's signature march and will be getting an outing at the Butlins Gala Concert.